Come Make Money With Me 2018! We going Crypto!

Hey guys! Today I want to talk about an amazing opportunity for 2018! There is a new website out called Steemit and it’s a social media platform that is using cryptocurrency to reward creators! This is an amazing opportunity for a creator. And a person that missed to invest in Bitcoin in 2013. Crypto is digital currency in case you didn’t know!

This website and service is built on top of the STEEM blockchain database. It was launched in 2016 by a privately held company from New York City called Steemit, Inc. The service is a bit similar to Reddit but that text gets saved in a Blockchain and that people who both comment and create value can get rewarded.

Another awesome thing about this Steemit website is the transparency. Everyone can see how much each earns. And it’s the users that decides what to reward. Usually the content that is the most engaging and interesting and alive!

There is also a decentralized YouTube alternative service which they are calling DTube. This allows you to post videos for free and earn Steem dollars from them. You can even embed the videos on other sites! They want to become a full on alternative to YouTube by giving you some nice competitive features. The advantages are: Crypto incentive, Resistant to censorship, A fair platform and Ads free.

Click this image to go to my Steemit channel!

It’s being powered by services like: Steem, Ipfs, Asksteem and Tube. The current version is being called D.Tube 0.6. Something I loved was how my first vlog got featured so it’s still easy to gain attention and gain new followers by being just a beginner. It sort of have this feel YouTube had back in 2005-2007 years. These days on YouTube it’s very hard to grow from zero followers.

The Steemit logo looks really great. And I like how it’s easy to gain access to real people. Everyone is very hopeful and excited about the future. And it’s truly great to see people come together like this. YouTube has sort of a monopoly on the video market. So it’s great they are finally getting some serious competition.

If you want to follow me on DTube then you can my name is phoneinf. You can also follow me on Steemit but first your account needs to get approved. I have uploaded some vlogs on DTube that I probably will embed inside this post.

Here is my first DTube vlog video enjoy:

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