Bakeey M8 New Smartphone!

Bakeey M8 is a new tiny phone! Great for someone that is on a budget and just wanna start with their first mobile. Let’s dive deeper into the specs. This is a phone in the category of mini card phones.

Main specs: 0.96 Inch OLED, 480×320 pixels screen, MTK Processor clocked at 1.0GHz, Single SIM Card phone, Black and White colour edition available, 320mAh Battery, 4 Days of standby time, 3-5 hours of talk time, Tiny 28 grams weight, Multi-language phone, 200 Contacts in phonebook possible and Micro USB Charging port!

Other cool features with Bakeey M8 is that it has an alarm clock, great to be able to get up in time for work. You get audio recording, good for when you need to save something important with your voice. You get Bluetooth support to hopefully be able to sync it up with a smartphone. Sadly this little device doesn’t have an Internet browser. And you also don’t get any Camera.

But in terms of design it’s very sleek and truly stand out. It has something for navigation which they are calling for the switch. It’s metal keys with up, down, left and right! You get an SOS key for help button. Perfect for emergency.

Bakeey M8 is very small in size only 4.8mm thickness. This makes it super easy to carry around as a secondary phone. The screen is a TFT type. Charging will take 3 hours. The screen might be a bit too small for some. Many want at least a 2 inch display. But the low price makes it understandable why they didn’t gave it a bigger screen.

You also get handsfree support with this device. In music you get MP3 support and Midi and Stereo. On the back rear side you will install the SIM card. I wish you got some earphones included in the price.

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