Bakeey No.1 New Smartphone!

BAKEEY has a new smartphone that is a fidget spinner variant. This one is being called No.1. Let’s dive into it’s specs to see what it offers you.

Main specs: 1.44 Inch Display, 240×240 pixels screen, SC 6531 Chipset, Dual SIM Card Dual Standby, External MicroSD card support up to 16GB, 11.2mm thickness, Shell ABS + PC Material build, 32MB of RAM, 32MB Internal storage, Bluetooth support, Message support, 300 Contacts in Phonebook, 400mAh Battery, 3-4 Days of Standby time, 4-5 hours of Talk time and Multi-language smartphone.

No.1. comes in some very cool colour editions like green, black and red. The battery is pretty large for being a tiny smartphone. This is a phone that can ease someones pressure. Of course this is just a basic feature phone and not one with cool Android OS and apps.

You have basic apps like calculator, calendar, dial speaker, SOS and family number you can setup. Other cool things you get are phone blacklist, speed dial, recording, FM player, Music player, MP3, MP4 and calling number.

People buying this phone will mainly do it for the fidget spinner feature. The features in the phones are too basic for any more advanced operations. And it doesn’t look like you will get a browser. But 300 contacts is more than enough for most people.

It’s also cool how you can use two SIM cards inside No.1. Great for people that travels a lot. This phone has a bit of a military rugged look at the front side. And it looks like the buttons on the front side will last a long time. The screen might be a bit too small for most people. I wish it came with at least a 2 inch display.

The battery will last a long time so good when you are out in remote places like a forrest.

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