K2 New Smartwatch!

K2 is a new smartwatch that comes in a very sleek design. Let’s dive deeper to see what you get with this watch.

Main features on K2: 0.95 inch OLED screen, NFR52832 CPU, No camera, Bluetooth 4.0, 200mAh Battery, IP68 certification, Android 4.4 and above support, iOS 9 and above support, 10-15 days usage time, 30 days of standby time and 3 hours of charging time!

The charging time is a bit long but I find it impressive that it can last over 10 days! That is very good for someone who will be away from charging for over a week. I still don’t understand why a phone can charge so much faster with way more mAh!

The main functions you get with this watch are: Heart rate monitor, Blood pressure, Blood oxygen check, Pedometer walk track, Swimming Track, Distance statistic, Calories Track, Sleep monitor, QQ Chat, WeChat, Message Notification from your phone and Raise-to-wake the screen!

Very impressive features for the low price. You can also see that it’s a circle round display and not a square as we seen on other variants like cheaper Android watches and the famous Apple Watch!

It comes with many cool colour wristbands like green, blue, red and black editions! This is great vibrant colours and perfect if you want to stand out among the masses. You can also have incoming calls remind so it will vibrate to let you know that there is someone trying to reach you on your phone.

You can also read Facebook and Twitter messages on K2 via a sync feature! The OLED display is using polished sapphire glass. With a slim frame design to provide sleek appearance. I think most people will buy this watch because it’s very colourful standout appearance! Do you like this gadget or do you feel like it’s missing any important feature?

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