Baseus 90 Degree Rotation Type-C Cable!

Baseus has a very cool USB Type-C cable that stands out among the competition. This cable comes with a 90 Degree rotation! And with very sleek design. As you probably know the advantage with Type C cable is that it can charge from both sides. This cable is using 2A power. It’s made in nylon and is 1 meter in length.

This is great cable if you wanna play Android games while charging your new high-end Android device. Because the cable will go down on the side so you can hold your phone with 2 hands easier. This is also good if you wanna watch movies or TV shows with your phone and charge same time. A normal Type-C cable will usually block your hand from holding the phone properly.

If you have a bad Type-C cable then this one might increase the speed by 40%! On the outside it’s being protected by fishing line + nylon material. Inside you get a TPE protection layer. In here you will find 4 different cables: 24AWG cable, 28AWG cable, Aramid Fiber and a tinned copper wire.

While you charge the phone you can transfer data same time up to 480Mbps. It’s a durable cable and very flexible. It’s a cable that will work with Huawei phones, Samsung phones and other Type-C devices.

On the top it’s using an aluminium alloy plug shell. This both gives you high toughness as well as corrosion resistance and sleek design! There is one 1 meter cable and then a 2 meter cable. The output current is 3A. The colours it comes with is Black/Red/Blue!

I think you won’t find any more cool Type-C cable than this! The other ones are usually pretty boring but you can see that they added some style and functionality to this cable. Do you like the 90 degree angle or do you feel it’s not needed?

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