Bakeey X6 New Smartwatch!

Bakeey X6 is a super affordable smartwatch. Perfect for people that has been looking at the Apple Watch but haven’t been able to afford it. This one is super cheap and coming with some cool features.

It’s very cool how you can take photos and videos on your wrist. A bit of a James Bond feature. Some other built in apps are Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and sound recorder functionality. Of course because this is a very basic device it might not be the full version of the apps. But a more mini variant. But still very impressive for this low price. You even get an internet browser included at this low price. But remember that it’s not using any 4G speeds so might be pretty slow performance.

Main specs on Bakeey X6: 1.54 inch Display, Square shaped screen, 2G Network capable, 300-450mAh Battery, Detachable battery, Less than 128MB Internal storage, MediaTek MTK6261 Processor, 240×240 pixels screen, No Waterproof support, Electronic movement, Less than 128MB of RAM, SIM Card support, No GPS and support for other dials.

The things you can do with this watch in terms of features are checking the calendar, answer calls, dial calls, have an alarm clock when you need to wake up, Push messages, Sleep Tracker and Call reminder! It’s not running on the Android OS but it’s just like a mini card phone. Giving you some basic features. A digital watch with SIM card support.

I really enjoy how sleek Bakeey X6 looks, it looks more expensive than what it cost. The pedometer and sedentary reminder will be good for training. The touch screen is curved to give you pleasure when looking at it. The wrist band comes in a soft material to be very comfortable.

The watch comes on one side with a speaker, mic and USB Jack. On the other side you will find a Camera and Power Button.

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