SERVO V9300 New Smartphone!

SERVO V9300 is a sleek feature phone that comes with some basic features. This phone reminds me about LG when it comes to design. This is great if you want an affordable feature phone. Many new feature phone cost way too much. This is way better.

Main specs: 2.4 inch Display, 480×320 pixels, 128MB of RAM, 2GB Internal storage, 2G Speeds, 1400mAh Battery, 1MP camera, Dual SIM Card Dual Standby, TF card extend support up to 8GB, 6 Hours of talk time and English + Russian + Spanish language support!

The main features inside SERVO V9300 is pretty basic but it could do some cool things: Flashlight support, FM Radio, MP3 player, MP4 player, GPRS, Messages, Bluetooth connection, Video player and email support. It’s very nice with email support you usually don’t see that as much in these low cost devices.

In terms of thickness this phone is 11mm which is nice for a feature phone. Usually these cheaper devices tend to be closer to 15mm in thickness. The back side is removable which is nice. Something you don’t see that much these days.

You get five colours in support: Black, Gold, White and Two brown editions. On front you have some nice colours first you have something that they call the crystal button in the middle which truly stands out. It comes with a unique texture to have better grip. The dial and reject call comes in standard green and red colour. This can be a great phone for older people.

Another cool thing with SERVO V9300 is that it comes with a metal body and perfect in-hand grip. The display is large but not too large. So the phone will be very easy to carry around and use for basic features. Great for a person that want something that just works without all the fancy features.

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