iPhone X Clone Smartphone From Leagoo!

There is a new iPhone X clone that is out. This is called LEAGOO S9. It has iPhone corners and the notch cutout at the top. As we seen in the past Apple has a lot of Android phone companies that copy them all the time. When Apple came out with their new dual camera rear design we saw tons of low -end Android phones copy it instantly. This is usually China phones that copy every Apple’s move.

This phone may be great for people that want to pretend they own the latest iPhone X. The iPhone X is a bit too expensive for most people to buy. Around 1200 euro price in Europe. Even more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which cost around 950 euros.

This will probably be a low-end Android smartphone costing less than 200 euro. We have seen many great low-end Android devices for between 130 euro and 200 euro. It’s a highly competitive section with lots of excitement. If you don’t need a water resistant phone or super good camera then it’s wise to go for a low-end Android smartphone.

The specs will be 128GB Internal storage, 6GB of RAM, 5.85″ AMOLED Display, MediaTek P40 Processor and 16MP sensor camera. I really hope that it comes with 3.5mm jack since I am a wired audio music listener.

I have talked about Leagoo in the past and written about their latest phones. They actually produce quality stuff. Just as DOOGEE, Blackview and Xiaomi does for an affordable price. It’s really hard for me to see any reason to buy a smartphone above the price of 200 euro these days. You already get most features in a lower end device. Sure if there was real games in the Android store then I could see a reason to upgrade. But most games aren’t really graphics heavy.

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