In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Coming For 2018 Smartphones!

New smartphones 2018 may feature an in-display fingerprint sensor from Synaptics. So currently the way fingerprint sensors work is that it’s either built into the home button or it’s taking up space on the rear side.

It’s in a way standing out a lot on modern phones. But that may change now with the first in-display scanner. This would make smartphone designers to have more freedom to have full display on front and still have cool safety features on board. Just as we seen with 3.5mm jack being removed the next thing to be removed on phones seems to be fingerprint sensor area. And instead mount it inside the display.

Synaptics has a new Clear ID in-display fingerprint sensor that they will hand out to the top 5 smartphone OEM. The clear ID sensor is the FS9500 variant. You push in on the OLED Panel and it detects your finger and unlocks.

We might see this under display fingerprint scanner in 2018 phones as Samsung Galaxy S9, Oppo phones, Xiaomi phones, LG phones, Huawei phones and many more. They said they already have this sensor in mass production.

Synaptics are experts in various areas like: Touch sensing, Display driver tech, display integration, secure biometrics, Voice DSP and more. Apple may not come with a sensor like this in iPhone 9. It seems like Apple more is aiming towards Face ID unlock to rival Android phones in safety.

I use Face unlock with my Galaxy S8 and mostly it works amazing. It’s only when it’s really dark that it may not work. But Samsung will probably improve this. Just as we got news that they may upgrade their Iris eye scanner sensor to 3MP for higher detail and better unlock speed. Right now it comes with 2MP!

It may also take until 2019 before fingerprint in display goes fully mainstream.

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