Google is Working on more AI in China!

Google is expanding their AI research by opening up a brand new research center in China.

Right now the large companies Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple are all heavily researching artificial intelligence more. And they want to find the best scientist and engineers available to win the race. In China they have lots of talent.

Google also have other research center in locations like: New York, Toronto, London and Zurich. The complicated thing about AI is how they will make it work best for everyone and benefit humanity. What will that mean to a robot. Feels for me like we are moving real life fiction or Skynet.

Google believes that China will become better than US 2025 in terms of AI research. In 2020 China will caught up with US, in 2025 they will be ahead and 2030 that will dominate that is what Google’s Eric Schmidt believe will happen.

It will be interesting in the world if we will reach singularity and how much more computers can become and what they will be able to do with that extra computing power. Of course the problem is how humans can’t keep up with this speed of this modern world. And humans need to feel they are doing useful tasks. People wanna feel their life has a meaning.

When life gets easier in future people will also become more bored. Can you really solve that boredom with more machines and AI that is a good question. Elon Musk is doing many interesting things as well in terms of automation of cars and vehicles. But then humans will be bored in car. What will humans do to find meaning that is a good question.

Have smartphones reached their peak or will there always be cool new features that they will be able to implement. Has human creativity a limit in a robot world.

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