Three New iPhone’s For 2018 Rumors!

3 new iPhone’s that we are expecting to see in 2018 we now here rumors will pack more stronger batteries. What the naming process will be we can only guess. But maybe they call it iPhone 9, iPhone X 2 and iPhone 9 Plus. They may even skip the number on the end and just stick to same name but improve the specs and just call it 2018 edition, 2019 edition etc.

iPhone X had worse battery life than Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 consumer reports showed us in their phone test. The display size on 2018 iPhone’s we expect will be: 6.5-inch iPhone and 5.8-inch iPhone. 6.5-inch will be really insane! I never seen a phone that large. Largest I seen and used has been Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. Both these new iPhone’s are expected to come with OLED displays. Which will bump up the price even further. The battery size KGI predicts are 2900mAh or 3000mAh.

The third iPhone that we think will come will be more budget friendly and have a large 6.1-inch display, it will feature a simple LCD display instead of OLED. This will keep the price down.

Other cool features in 2018 iPhone we think will come are rear-facing TrueDepth camera that can track your face and use Animoji and facial recognition with Face ID. This is something Samsung already offers with Samsung Galaxy S8. And it works great.

In 2018 all iPhone’s will probably come with an all-screen display. Finally moving away from the iPhone 6 front that has been used for far too long. But Apple still is at least a year behind Android companies like Xiaomi. Feels like they are slipping behind more in the phone industry. Feels like Apple peaked around 2013. Not that much interesting has been happening lately. But we hope that iOS 12 will have massive UI upgrades. Like iOS 7 had when it replaced iOS 6!

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