ASUS ZenFone Zoom New Smartphone!

ASUS ZenFone Zoom is a great phone for people that like to take a lot of photos. It comes with a large lens on the rear side.

Main specs: 5.5 Inch display, AMOLED screen type, 1920×1080 pixels screen, Android 7.0 Nougat, Intel Atom Z3590 Chipset, 64-Bit Processor, Quad-core processor clocked at 2.5GHz, PowerVR 6430 GPU clocked at 640MHz, 4GB of RAM, 64GB Internal storage, External TF card support up to 128GB, Metal shell material, Black or White colour edition, 4G Connectivity support, Dual SIM Card support, 5.0MP Front Facing camera, 13MP Rear camera and Fingerprint scanner!

I will go deeper into the camera specs on ZenFone Zoom. But first I’m very impressed with the high internal storage and MicroSD card support. Great for people that takes lots of photos and have a lot of multimedia on their smartphone.

This phone has a very low weight just 185 grams which is low for a phone with a large rear camera. The battery inside comes with 3000mAh! I don’t like how it’s over 1 centimeter in thickness. The thickness is 10.4mm!

The camera specs on the front camera are: Wide View, PixelMaster and Selfie Panorama up to 140 degree. The specs on the rear camera is: 3X Optical Zoom and 12X Total Zoom, 4 Stop OIS, 10P HOYA Lens, 0.03 Second laser auto-focus, 32 second long exposure, close-up macro photo, dual-color real tone flash, back light HDR mode, Low light mode, Auto Focus, Real Time Beautification, LED Flash and 10-element-lens.

Clearly you can see that the main thing about ZenFone Zoom is the rear camera with the high-end specs for a low price. I hope it will get upgraded to Android 8.0 Oreo. It’s nice how it comes in a metal build instead of plastic. This feels more premium!

The gorilla glass 4 on the front side will protect against scratches. I wish it had the latest gorilla glass 5. You will also get great speaker with this phone having SonicMaster 2.0.

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Baseus Zinc Alloy Type-C Cable!

Baseus has a very cool designed Type-C cable. This one isn’t 90 degree angle as the one I talked about earlier on my website. This one look more like a regular one but with a Zinc Alloy design that makes it look super fresh!

This cable has a very long length in durability. Durable up to 10 years! That is a long time! It comes with high-hardness, anti-abrasion and corrosion resistance! The all-in-one zinc alloy makes so you don’t have to worry about the cable falling apart like the older generation cable could do.

The upgraded internal chip will give you 40% charge speed increase. You can charge the Samsung Galaxy S8 fully in 2 hours. This might be a little longer than with the default cable. But here you get some amazing design.

It has protection built in and they are using something that they are calling trickle charge. So it will adjust the charge depending on the device you are using.

This cable has been tested thousands of times by bending it, plug testing it and tensile testing it! So you know it will last a very long time! It has a very nice cloth woven flat body. There is a Red, Blue and Blue edition of this cable.

The cable output is 2A and the data sync speed is 480Mbps. The earlier cable from Baseus that I checked out had 3A output so it might be a little bit faster. But I personally think that this cable looks sharper with the zinc alloy design. Looks a bit like a sports car. You can charge your phone and transfer data at the same time if you are connecting it to a computer.

I personally think that the red cable looks the best. Something with the red colour that blends well with the zinc at the top!

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Baseus 90 Degree Rotation Type-C Cable!

Baseus has a very cool USB Type-C cable that stands out among the competition. This cable comes with a 90 Degree rotation! And with very sleek design. As you probably know the advantage with Type C cable is that it can charge from both sides. This cable is using 2A power. It’s made in nylon and is 1 meter in length.

This is great cable if you wanna play Android games while charging your new high-end Android device. Because the cable will go down on the side so you can hold your phone with 2 hands easier. This is also good if you wanna watch movies or TV shows with your phone and charge same time. A normal Type-C cable will usually block your hand from holding the phone properly.

If you have a bad Type-C cable then this one might increase the speed by 40%! On the outside it’s being protected by fishing line + nylon material. Inside you get a TPE protection layer. In here you will find 4 different cables: 24AWG cable, 28AWG cable, Aramid Fiber and a tinned copper wire.

While you charge the phone you can transfer data same time up to 480Mbps. It’s a durable cable and very flexible. It’s a cable that will work with Huawei phones, Samsung phones and other Type-C devices.

On the top it’s using an aluminium alloy plug shell. This both gives you high toughness as well as corrosion resistance and sleek design! There is one 1 meter cable and then a 2 meter cable. The output current is 3A. The colours it comes with is Black/Red/Blue!

I think you won’t find any more cool Type-C cable than this! The other ones are usually pretty boring but you can see that they added some style and functionality to this cable. Do you like the 90 degree angle or do you feel it’s not needed?

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K2 New Smartwatch!

K2 is a new smartwatch that comes in a very sleek design. Let’s dive deeper to see what you get with this watch.

Main features on K2: 0.95 inch OLED screen, NFR52832 CPU, No camera, Bluetooth 4.0, 200mAh Battery, IP68 certification, Android 4.4 and above support, iOS 9 and above support, 10-15 days usage time, 30 days of standby time and 3 hours of charging time!

The charging time is a bit long but I find it impressive that it can last over 10 days! That is very good for someone who will be away from charging for over a week. I still don’t understand why a phone can charge so much faster with way more mAh!

The main functions you get with this watch are: Heart rate monitor, Blood pressure, Blood oxygen check, Pedometer walk track, Swimming Track, Distance statistic, Calories Track, Sleep monitor, QQ Chat, WeChat, Message Notification from your phone and Raise-to-wake the screen!

Very impressive features for the low price. You can also see that it’s a circle round display and not a square as we seen on other variants like cheaper Android watches and the famous Apple Watch!

It comes with many cool colour wristbands like green, blue, red and black editions! This is great vibrant colours and perfect if you want to stand out among the masses. You can also have incoming calls remind so it will vibrate to let you know that there is someone trying to reach you on your phone.

You can also read Facebook and Twitter messages on K2 via a sync feature! The OLED display is using polished sapphire glass. With a slim frame design to provide sleek appearance. I think most people will buy this watch because it’s very colourful standout appearance! Do you like this gadget or do you feel like it’s missing any important feature?

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Bakeey X6 New Smartwatch!

Bakeey X6 is a super affordable smartwatch. Perfect for people that has been looking at the Apple Watch but haven’t been able to afford it. This one is super cheap and coming with some cool features.

It’s very cool how you can take photos and videos on your wrist. A bit of a James Bond feature. Some other built in apps are Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and sound recorder functionality. Of course because this is a very basic device it might not be the full version of the apps. But a more mini variant. But still very impressive for this low price. You even get an internet browser included at this low price. But remember that it’s not using any 4G speeds so might be pretty slow performance.

Main specs on Bakeey X6: 1.54 inch Display, Square shaped screen, 2G Network capable, 300-450mAh Battery, Detachable battery, Less than 128MB Internal storage, MediaTek MTK6261 Processor, 240×240 pixels screen, No Waterproof support, Electronic movement, Less than 128MB of RAM, SIM Card support, No GPS and support for other dials.

The things you can do with this watch in terms of features are checking the calendar, answer calls, dial calls, have an alarm clock when you need to wake up, Push messages, Sleep Tracker and Call reminder! It’s not running on the Android OS but it’s just like a mini card phone. Giving you some basic features. A digital watch with SIM card support.

I really enjoy how sleek Bakeey X6 looks, it looks more expensive than what it cost. The pedometer and sedentary reminder will be good for training. The touch screen is curved to give you pleasure when looking at it. The wrist band comes in a soft material to be very comfortable.

The watch comes on one side with a speaker, mic and USB Jack. On the other side you will find a Camera and Power Button.

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