Samsung Galaxy A5 2018 and A7 2018 Case Leaked!

Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 2018 will have the design of Galaxy S8 but in a more compact form factor. This will be very nice devices. Samsung’s A series is my favourite phones especially they made a nice comeback in 2017. 2015 was the start of this series of phones and they started off with a ceramic back which was interesting but not really the best material. The problem with these phones was that they had horrible GPU’s. You couldn’t run Android games properly.


The next year they tried to be edgy by using a bit less rounded design they went with a more rectangle design. The problem with this design was that it made the phones bulky and the glass back wasn’t really an upgrade. And these phones wasn’t even water resistant! They also overheated a bit. They just felt boring and fat. 2017 they really did a nice comeback after the Note 7 failure. The phone was back into smaller form factor and so much easier to hold! And also they included water resistance!

And with the new lineup 2018 we are expecting infinity display addon and fingerprint sensor on the back side. The current A series still has home button. But as we seen with S8 that is being removed. The fingerprint sensor on new 2018 A series will also be below the camera! So no more confusion with camera as you get with Note 8 and Galaxy S8.

Samsung seems to be making nice comeback both 2015 and 2016 was fiasco years for them. They seem to be hungry for a comeback. And I like that because they are gonna need that now when Xiaomi and Huawei is gaining larger market share. I want to see more companies compete on the stylus phone market. As of right now it’s only Samsung that has one decent phone in that niche. But it cost 1000 euro!

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