Be a Lion in Life! A Free Experience!

Lions don’t concern themselves with opinions of sheep’s in life. There are more sheep’s than ever before on this earth. Especially on the Internet. Do we really need another one? Surely you can be a sheep in life but there are risks with that eventually. You will probably get eaten sooner or later. As in someone will outcompete you. Because sheep’s are more predictable in life.

You are easy to replace because many sheep’s can do what you do so you aren’t in demand. You will get Paid in life in proportion to the problem you solve. As a lion you will be more brave and face fear of death more, but the lion will also live more in safety because of it and with more excitement. And will probably have 100x more fun in total! Because there is a demand for a lion, he does the work everyone else is scared of doing.

When everyone is scared and think there is no opportunity left that’s when you charge full steam ahead and you see limitless potential because of your bravery. And I really mean charge full steam ahead so you break the barrier and then you can float on success. Just as a spaceship does.

It charges up full speed maxing out to break away from Earth. Once you are in space you can expand less energy but still keep up the same speed. Because you have Momentum on your side. Same way success works. Look at the ordinary person and see the sheep in their mentality and look at what they are afraid of doing and do just that. That is a quick way to an interesting life.

It’s Easy to win in life once you start in a certain field. Nature is kind and always gives more than what we put into a task. The hard part is to create cascades of winning and long term winnings. Winnings that blend together. Bravery is something that is not being talked about but it’s really is a major key player in life.

I live like a house wife in life. Mostly in my home, can do all my work with a keyboard. It’s very calm and can focus on Beauty and Wisdom. This is clearly more relaxing than running around like a maniac in the external world trying to keep up with the latest “trends”.

There is so much Beauty to explore in your home already… Every little particle is a deeper exploration adventure. And if you need more information you do have The Internet, no need for a university anymore. All knowledge is close to free. Especially in the Age of The Internet. Use it for knowledge mainly instead of “Social Media”. It’s way wiser. Kindle is a great app to discover new quality books. Many old books you can get for a very cheap price like 1 dollar.

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