There is No Universal Truth!

Something that is very interesting about this world is how everyone has a unique experience of it. That there is no universal truth. Everyone will have a different experience. Therefore history and future are as empty and unreal as any dream.

Our life is like a dream or simulation. We have objects around us that we can be aware of and they have a life of their own if we observe them long enough. Putting attention long enough on an object and it will yield eventually to us! This is what’s fascinating about the objects in this world. Then we have our own intellect that creates a dream world. We can dream up stuff so they feel real and our body won’t know if it actually happened or not!

Time is also a mysterious thing. Main reason why we feel time exist is because we have a physical body with a limit on earth before it goes away. What’s interesting is that when you live in the present moment and are really putting a lot of attention into doing something time fades away and hours can pass by fast like it was just a few minutes. Did we speed up time during that time or is that just an illusion?

I find life extremely interesting as a male I feel this deep desire to have energy flow out of me and share myself with the world. I find this expansive energy very interesting how it wants to share itself with everything. I have mentioned time in this article the other fascinating thing is space. Space as in emptiness.

Even inside our body our atoms that we are made of is mostly empty space! Yet we are walking around like solid looking creatures now that is very fascinating. Because the atoms if I have understood it correctly vibrates very fast. So we have the three magical pieces: Space, Energy and Time.

Space clearly is a large part of our existence so it has a large importance. Space between words, space outside of our galaxy, Space in our bodies and more! I have found that if you clear a room and just let it be filled with empty space you can observe a magic thing with the space. It’s like something is living inside the emptiness.

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