SERVO V9500 Waterproof Phone!

SERVO V9500 is a feature phone that is waterproof! This little boy here reminds me a bit about the Nokia 6070 design! Which was one of my first phones ever to receive! Let’s take a look at what this cheap affordable phone gives you.

Main specs: 2.8 Inch HD display large in size, 1100mAh Battery, 64MB of RAM + 64MB Internal storage, 4 SIM cards support, 4 Standby, FM Radio and GPRS!

V9500 comes in two editions: Gold colour or Black colour. The first big selling point with this phone is the impressive support for 4 SIM cards! You can remove the back side to input all 4 cards. This is perfect if you travel around a lot.

The design on front is very sleek with mechanical drawing buttons using a unique texture on the power button to improve the touch feeling. The processor is a single core variant and camera is only 1MP! It’s on the back side.

The display resolution is 480×320 which is very high for a display on a feature phone. The processor is by MTK which produce a lot of different chipsets for phones below 200 euros. I like how you can remove the battery. You can talk for up to 6 hours which is more than enough for longer calls and you can store 300 contacts in phone book. The SMS has place for 50 messages!

Other functions you get in V9500 are Bluetooth, Alarm Clock, MP3 support, Recorder, Flashlight. There is no information if you can insert a microSD card because it feels strange if you can’t. The display isn’t a touch screen either which can be good to know. It’s not running on Android so no play store.

I think the rear design looks very clean and the phone is rounded on the sides. I like it very much. What do you think about this device do you feel it’s missing something?

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