Digoo Has a Mini Security Camera!

Digoo is a mini security camera that is great if you have something that needs to be protected and guarded! This is the DG-M1Q model! Let’s have a closer look at the specs that is on the inside.

Main specs: 960P video recording, 2.8mm Wide-angle lens, Wireless, Mini size, WiFi Night Vision, Smart Home model, IP Camera and Online Monitor!

DG-M1Q is available in Sand Black and Starry Grey edition. What’s great about this version is the high resolution. Both higher than 480p and 720p resolution! It comes in a nice round shape that reminds me about a cars steering wheel!

It’s built up by these parts from the rear first 1/3 CMOS sensor, indicator light below, light sensor above, microphone, Hook, Speaker and 64GB microSD card slot.

If you are curious what’s going on in the night then you can track that as well because this camera is equipped with 10 infrared LED lights so you will see amazing in the dark!

You get a 2-Way talking supply with absolute clear voice, manually tweak voice up and down and barrier free talking! If someone is trying to break into your house then you can instantly get an alert to your mobile phone! You use the DigooEye app on smartphone that will alert you when it detects motion!

DG-M1Q is being powered by a basic 5V 1A and it’s USB powered! It’s been tested 10,000 times so a long life! You can also disable the infrared light if you don’t like it. You can also download the video recordings to your smartphone!

You can also set up different accounts for both administrator and guests! The image compression being used is H.264! The frame rate is 25fps which is standard for video. The distance is standard for a webcam 10 meters!

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