ZGPAX New Smartwatch with Small Display!

ZGPAX has a new smartwatch and it’s being called S99C! It comes in two colours: Black and Silver! Let’s have a look at what the specs will give you.

Specs: 4GB Internal Storage, 512MB of RAM, 400mAh built-in polymer Battery, Pedometer, Bluetooth, 3G, Android 5.1, Quad-core processor with 28nm Technology and clocked at 1.3GHz with the MTK6580 Chipset and 1.39 inch AMOLED display with 286 PPI and 400×400 screen resolution!

With this S99C watch you get precise navigation with the GPS! You also will get to hear it speak with it’s voice!

You get high quality silica gel wristband and a aluminium coated sheet ring! And a 3D solid outer ring design!

You get access to the large market of Android apps like Instagram, Facebook, YouTuber, Google Chrome Browser and Twitter! Real-time weather update with a great app designed for the watch!

The built-in pedometer is great for your running sessions! The whole watch is built up by 178 components that takes 72 hours to assemble!

This watch is running on Android 5.1 with Bluetooth version 4.0! You can insert a single Nano SIM and it comes in Silver colour. The weight is 75 grams! The front camera is 2.0MP resolution. This is a multi-language watch!

You can’t expand the memory in S99C with a TF card which can be a major downside with this watch. Because some smart watches comes with 16GB internal storage!

But it does look very modern it doesn’t look like a traditional watch but more like a new design that looks a bit more made for geeks! I think that 4G should be inside this device because it cost just as much as a 4G Xiaomi smartphone! But you can’t get all in every device. Do you like this gadget?

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