Eachine E58 Simple To Use Quadcopter!

Eachine E58 is a quadcopter! I have talked a lot about this company in the past. This variant comes with a foldable design so you can carry it around with ease. The remote controller has a place where you can place your phone to see a live view from the camera on the drone!

Main specs: WiFi, FPV, 2MP Wide Angle Camera, High Hold Mode, RTF, Gravity Sensor, Map Function, Camera Function, Headless Mode, Six Axis Gyroscope, 360 Degree key roll and High Hover!

The size of this drone is so small that you can fold it and put it inside your pocket. HD movies can be shot nicely because it comes with 120 degree wide-angle lens! Which is usually better than what most phones will give you.

The camera is a 720p HD aerial variant. It uses glass material as protecting the lens. 90 degree rotation downward and LED lamp with night light function. You can lock the height and position to be able to do stable hovering.

You can also draw a trajectory flight so the drone will follow it and you can point on your smartphone the path you want it to take! Perfect for lazy people.

If the wind is strong then you can enable high-speed mode to output greater torque! With 1 key you can make the drone return back to the original position!

The remote control is 2.4GHz! It has 2 joysticks but you can also control the drone with your phone if you like. You can detach the motor easy if you need with no welding. It can fly for around 12 minutes with a insert and pull out battery.

On the remote control you can do other fun stuff like micro adjust forward and backward, one key landing, photo/video, one key take off, headless mode, speed switch, 360 roll and more!

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