OnePlus 5 Has Amazing Specs!

OnePlus 5 is the latest high-end phone from OnePlus. Let’s see what features and specs it comes with.

Specs: 16MP + 20MP Dual rear camera, Fingerprint scanner, 4G, NFC, 8GB of RAM, 128GB Internal storage, Adreno 540 GPU, Snapdragon 835 Octa-core processor, OxygenOS based on Android Nougat, 5.5” AMOLED Gorilla Glass 5 401ppi 1920×1080 resolution display, 3.5mm earphone port, 16MP Front camera, Fingerprint reader and 3300mAh battery.

The first thing that’s extremely nice with the OnePlus 5 is the high-end memory specs. Both 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. Bad you can’t expand but you can’t get all. The specs are a bit sharper than Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro gives. In OnePlus 5 you get Snapdragon 835 instead of 820 in ZUK. And OnePlus 5 has +2GB RAM. The reason why I compare it to ZUK is because it’s an extremely well priced good specs phone.

The OnePlus 5 suffers same issue as ZUK. A smaller battery. The design of the phone on the other hand is really sharp. And with OxygenOS on top of Android you know you will get amazing Android performance because these people are dedicated at bringing out fast updates to you! On the back this phone reminds you of iPhone 7 Plus with dual rear camera.

The negatives with OnePlus 5 is no stereo speakers, no ingress protection and no microSD slot expand. And I can also not see any IP67 water resistance. But overall I have to say that this phone will not be something you will be disappointed in because it overall is amazing.

Especially people have said it boots super fast and that the camera takes photos mega quick as well. Do you like this phone or do you think it needs more improvements? I think I may eventually start to buy OnePlus phones again I am really happy with my OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T!

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LEMFO LEM5 Pro Great Design Smartwatch!

LEMFO LEM5 Pro is a super sleek Android smartwatch! Ever wanted to have Android always with you but don’t like a clumsy phone? With LEM5 Pro you can wear Android on your arm. And this specific watch looks very much like a traditional watch but with hidden power processor inside. Let’s have a look on the specs.

Main specs: 3G Connectivity, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, Heart rate monitor, GPS, 1.39 inch IPS screen with 400×400 resolution circular interface, MTK6580 Quad-core processor, Android 5.1 OS, Bluetooth 4.0, Single Nano SIM, OTA, Pedometer, Message, Music, Weather and Notification remind!

The colour that is available on LEM5 Pro is called MIDNIGHT. The battery inside is a powerful 450mAh and it doesn’t feature any camera on the side. You get a charging dock when you purchase the watch. It’s a pretty cool one coming in stainless steel.

You can do cool thing on the watch with Android OS like surf the internet, check messages, answer calls, dial and more! Perfect when you are running, driving, biking and playing golf to use the built-in GPS. You get a weather app to check and stay up to date how the weather will be like. The Pedometer perfect when you are walking!

It features IP55 Life Waterproof so it can withstand things like dust, dirt or washing. Do not use it for swimming or diving. With the Google Play Store App you can download the apps you want like Tumblr, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Chrome, Twitter and more!

50 different dials that you can use on LEMFO LEM5 Pro. Perfect if you have a unique style there is a big chance there is a dial for that style. This will both change the background on the watch and the numbers. Some dials truly look like James Bond watch stuff! It’s a little sad that they didn’t include a camera. But I think many don’t even use the camera on their smartwatches so may not be a major loss.

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New Google Pixel 2 XL Smartphone!

Google has some new smartphones that they have unveiled. One of them is Google Pixel 2 XL. In many places you can’t even buy the original Pixel or it cost around 900 euro. And now we already have a new model out. Hopefully Google can release these faster out on the market. Specs on Pixel 2 XL goes.

Specs: 6” P-OLED Display, 12MP camera with recording in 2160p, 4GB of RAM, Snapdragon 835, 3520mAh Battery, Android 8.0 Oreo, 64/128GB Internal storage, 175 grams weight, Octa-core processor 4×2.35GHz Kryo and 4×1.9GHz Kryo, 8MP Secondary camera and Bluetooth 5.0.

The use of two-tone shades of black on the back on one colour variant looks brilliant. It has a fingerprint reader located on the back like Mate 9. And the screen on the front side has interesting rounded curves. This design definitely looks like an upgrade from the old Pixel design. I really like the black + white back variant that exist. You get a nice G for Google on the back.

I like how they didn’t include a dual camera. That thing has gotten old real fast. I hope it ends in the future because it just looks a bit silly. But as long as Apple keep doing it Android phone brands will copy. Bad things here is how it has no water resistance like iPhone X and Galaxy S8 has. Which is stupid for an almost 1000 euro phone to not feature IP67 protection.

The main build is in metal and glass. Metal I like but glass is a really bad trend 2017. Because it usually creates tons of fingerprint. Nobody likes fingerprint magnet phones you need to put a case on them! Both Note 8 and iPhone X has glass sadly. Feels like we are back to iPhone 4 era.

Other features it comes with is Active Edge and Stereo speaker. I still feel like something is missing to truly feel it’s worth the price. Especially when you can get a Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro for around 200 euro and with 128GB internal storage and Snapdragon 820! The phone market is getting so overvalued.

From a design perspective this phone do fall behind Galaxy S8, Note 8 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Also looks like they removed the 3.5mm audio jack which I also find annoying. You also don’t get any Dual SIM option or expandable storage. And no wireless charging either!

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DOOGEE TITANS 2 Crocodile Style Leather Smartphone!

DOOGEE TITANS 2 is a phone that has a stand out design. Most phones these days have a metal or plastic shell. But this phone comes with something different. It looks more like a super premium phone.

Like a phone Lamborghini would create and sell for thousands of euros in limited supply. With more software looking the same the ones who will stand out will be the ones who have a totally different hardware design. Let’s see what this phone gives you. This is the DG700 model.

Specs on TITANS 2: 4.5 inch IPS QHD OGS 540×960 resolution display, MTK6582 processor, Waterproof IP67, Outdoor phone, Android 5.0, 8GB Internal storage, 1GB of RAM, Quad-core clocked at 1.3GHz, Crocodile style leather cover and Extend memory up to 64GB.

The crocodile style leather cover is definitely the most cool thing about this phone. You usually don’t get something like that on low-end devices.

Cameras are 5MP + face beauty mode (I suppose this is the front facing camera) the second camera is 8.0MP with AF, True Flash LED, OV Camera + Face beauty.

OTG support is also on-board so you could charge other devices. It receives OTA updates and has HotKnot. Other cool things are you have many interesting gesture and motion control you could do.

For example in TITANS 2 you can: Flip to mute, Gesture answer, Contactless control, direct calling with smart gestures, double tap to light the screen and more! The phone is pretty heavy in weight 229 grams and 13mm in thickness. A major benefit is the massive built-in battery 4000mAh! With a quick charger it will fill it up in no time.

DOOGEE was also famous for putting in a massive 5000mAh battery in their BL5000 smartphone. My experience with this phone brand is that they produce great software that runs with excellent speed. Samsung can learn from this company!

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VIVO X9 Got a Huge 128GB Internal Storage Capacity! Perfect For Gaming!

VIVO X9 is a new phone with 128GB storage! More people demand phones with bigger internal storage capacity. Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro delivered on that promise and people love them for it. On the other hand they removed the option to expand storage with Micro SD card. But it feels like little people use the SD card functionality. What specs does X9 give you?

Main specs: 5.5 Inch 1920×1080 resolution display, 4GB of RAM, 128GB Internal storage, Snapdragon 625 Octa-core processor clocked at 2.0GHz, 4G Connectivity, 20.0MP Front camera with soft light, Android 6.0 OS with Funtouch OS 3.0, 3050mAh Battery and Super narrow integrated metal on sides.

First thing that strikes me with VIVO X9 is how similar it looks to iPhone 7! Especially because it doesn’t come with dual rear camera but a more simple tiny protruding camera in the corner. The shell of the phone is also rounded like an iPhone 7.

You get fast charge speed on the other hand I feel this phone suffers a bit like the ZUK phone with a small battery. Barely 3000mAh. There is a larger variant called X9 Plus with 4000mAh battery which is much better.

All the colours you can get the phone in are: Gold, Rose Gold, Black and Blue. There is also no option to extend the internal storage. It still comes with 3.5mm headphone jack so can listen to music like normal. A fingerprint sensor is also available I assume in the home button.

So on front with camera on VIVO X9 you actually get dual. 20.0MP + 8MP and rear you get a 16.0MP photo snapper. With the phone you get a TPU case and a protective film and even earphones. Very nice! Also low weight on the device only 154 grams very slim 6.99mm thickness. What do you think about this phone do you like it?

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