Top 3 Overpriced Phones! Cheaper Alternative!

Today I want to talk about a major problem in today’s phone world. Phones are getting more expensive every year and they are not improving that much! We humans have to realize something. We have hit a peak with phones. You really no longer need a “high-end” phone these days you can go for 100 euro smartphone and you won’t miss anything magical. You can get the Xiaomi Redmi 4A Quad-core smartphone for less than 120 euro!

And Xiaomi creates quality smartphones. Why ever pay for a branded phone? I would understand it if we would have seen a lot of innovation on the gaming side of phones. But we haven’t seen any epic 3D game come out for years on phones! What we see more is companies lowering the graphics so everyone can play new games.

The first phone is a phone that came out last year but still cost half a leg. Google Pixel XL smartphone 32GB currently cost 900 euro in Finland. Which is a joke! Soon we will have the Google Pixel XL 2 come out. How much will that one be priced at 1500 euro? Google phones are overpriced like a joke. It feels a little bit like the Google Glass fiasco. Is the google phone only suppose to be for pretentious people?

The second overpriced phone is the iPhone X. 1000 euro for a locked operating system. And they even removed the fingerprint sensor and added glass. And not just that but an ugly 3GS glossy design returns! No innovation here.

The bezel-less display Android phones did first with Xiaomi Mi Mix. And now Xiaomi has Mi Mix 2 coming out for half the price of an iPhone X. Apple is too overrated and hasn’t done any cool UI update since 2013. Only been on stagnation after iOS 7.

The last overpriced phone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8! 1000 euro! And Samsung does this after 2 failed Note phones. One that wasn’t even released in Europe, the second that was just about to launch but then it got battery problems and had to be replaced (Talking about the Note 7). The last good Note was Galaxy Note 4 because it came with a removable battery. That was a major part of the charm with Samsung. They cared about the customer. Letting them have customize options.

Now they are more turning over to an elitist brand with bad software since the Galaxy S6 got introduced. Usually very glitchy software and the glass back on the new phones break easily so you need a case for the phones.

They also overheat many times. Been waking up many times to a hot Samsung phones. This is both S phones and A phones it’s been happening with! Also with this price-range nobody will be able to experience Note phones because few have that level of money.

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Xiaomi is the new Apple! Apple is Becoming The New Boring Microsoft!

Xiaomi is the new Apple! Last month they sold over 10 million smartphones. Apple sold over 70 million phones last quarter but Apple is mostly living on past success momentum.

Apple can make more money but in terms of innovation not much fun has really been happening the last couple of years. With their latest iPhone X they even removed the fingerprint sensor!

Samsung is also becoming sloppy with glitchy phones with faulty batteries/software and hardware issues like broken glass. I think both Apple and Samsung needs more competition! They are becoming lazy at the top. They can afford to make mistakes because who can challenge them?

Right now I personally think Huawei and Xiaomi is doing the best. Both are from China! So it looks like chinese phone companies will dominate more and more. Especially when they expand in other areas like India. Let’s take a quick look at how Xiaomi currently is dominating with amazing smartphones.

First they have their Xiaomi Mi 6 that truly looks better than iPhone 8. iPhone 8 still comes with same boring design we have seen for years, iPhone 6 design still! Apple still has 2014 design that is too slow. And they only released their so called premium iPhone X for 1000 euros when you can buy a DOOGEE Mix or Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 for way less money! It’s time to admit it that Apple is becoming the next Microsoft.

Xiaomi also release many more products each year that fits more consumers. Like their brand new massive Xiaomi Mi Max 2 which comes for around 200 euro with massive 6.4” display and an amazing design.

Xiaomi also released the bezel-less Xiaomi Mi Mix which truly is a phone that stands out! And it only cost around 500 euro with premium world class design! And you need 1000 euro for iPhone X! It’s insanity! Also insanity with Galaxy Note 8 1000 euro price. This makes it so many people can’t even buy them!

And then we have a bunch of other premium devices Xiaomi is releasing like Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X. I think Apple is making a mistake with producing less phones. Because I think that it makes them have less creative ideas. I think that they should just focus on creating quality phones in all segments. Even in the low-end area.

Apple can live a little bit longer on past success but then what are they going to do? It’s especially the boring closed UI which is getting very boring and outdated. The good thing with Android on Xiaomi phones is how they can both be on a free platform and get Xiaomi’s own custom UI on top! Apple can do better than just chasing profit.

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The Importance to Fail More in Life For Amazing Success!

One of the main ideas I like in life is to fail more. Fail more and faster at whatever it is you are working on. You need to fail. Outfail your friends! Outfail everyone. Every time you fail you learn new stuff. And we humans are very fast learners.

Just because most people are scared to fail it holds them back. So if you fail a lot you do something other people doesn’t wanna do. You become fearless and try everything to see what works. Now this is scarcity and creates value. Because there is a huge demand for innovation and people that test out new things.

Because here’s the thing. Even though you will fail a lot with this method you will also randomly run into success when you test lots of things all the time. It will make you very present to the moment.

One of my favourite laws in the universe is the law of large numbers or the law of averages. It means that eventually if you do something long enough you will get a ratio and can start to predict future success just by the amount of action you are taking.

Also you will not feel like “a failure” when you actually is expecting success. Richard Branson billionaire have said something about the main reason why he is a billionaire is because he has failed so much! The IBM guy said that the key to success is massive failure. Also what will happen is you will become like a kid again and see opportunities everywhere. Because now you can try out anything and the world becomes exciting again.

The other thing that I have talked about a lot also in the past is the importance of staying focused. And in today’s age that’s very hard. Because we very easily get distracted by things around us. Like friends/family/TV/News/Smartphone. Especially now with the smartphone age we have constant distractions around us 24/7!

What I recommend is that you create times during the day when you only focus. What has worked best for me is to do it in chunks. So focus for 90 minutes then take a break. Then do that a few more times. I think for maximum performance probably 3x90mins per day is good. You will need breaks to re-charge yourself. You can probably push it up to 5x90mins on extremely productive days. But I don’t think it’s good to do that for too much because it might burn you out.

But you will definitely have an edge in life if you can learn to turn off distractions and truly focus on your goal. Your RAS will help you to see new opportunity when you truly are focused on doing one task. Your adventure self will come to the surface! I recommend that you experiment around with cutting out distractions. Because in the future it will be even harder because virtual reality and better games will try to make you become an addict instead of doing something more productive.

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LEAGOO S8 Is a Galaxy S8 Copycat Smartphone For Low Price!

LEAGOO S8 is a Galaxy S8 copycat but with a twist! I have talked about LEAGOO in the past about their T5 5.5” dual rear camera phone. It didn’t have something super special about it but it was okay. This phone on the other hand makes me more interested! Because it comes with S8 design but with a different rear camera layout.

Specs: 5.7” SHARP 1440×720 HD 500ppi display, Quad camera, 3GB of RAM, 32GB Internal storage, MT6750V Octa-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 4G mobile, Edge-to-Edge bezel-less screen, 18:9 aspect ratio, 85% screen-to-body ratio, SONY 13MP + 2MP rear dual camera, OV 8MP + 2MP front dual camera, Quick Charge, 3050mAh battery and Fingerprint ID unlock!

The camera on LEAGOO S8 is wow! It reminds me about the Galaxy S2 days. But this camera design is even more slim and compact but still with a pleasing rectangular design to the eye. And how it’s Dual Camera on both back and front for the price is even more impressive!

The specs on front selfie camera is: 4P lens, f/2.0 and 1.12um*1.12um pixel size. The rear has: f/2.0 and 1.12um*1.12um. As I have understood it the lower f the better! You can also get the great bokeh effect which everyone loves.

You also have 4G so super connectivity speed with Dual 4G cards if you want. Up to 300Mbps download and VoLTE! Fingerprint ID is located on the back below the camera with Smart Touch technology, 360 degree readability and 0.1sec unlock!

The battery on LEAGOO S8 will last for: 8 hours of video playback, 20 hours of calling, 36 hours normal use, 10 days standby and 35% charging in 30 mins. It comes with LEAGOO OS 3.0 based on Android 7.0 Nougat.

I think most people will buy this phone for it’s price and beautiful design! It truly looks like a Galaxy S8 and if you use a case on the back then everyone will think you own the expensive S8 smartphone from Samsung.

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I8 Plus Cool Colour Sofa Keyboard!

I8 Plus is a very cool simplistic tiny portable keyboard. I have checked out many various keyboards in the past like MantisTek’s MK1 and H18. They are a little bit larger in size from what I can see. I8 Plus main feature is how it’s full of bright LED’s so perfect at night!

Specs: 2.4GHz Wireless connection, 7 Colours Backlight keyboard, Touchpad Mouse functionality, QWERTY keys, Navigation keys, USB 2.0, Black colour and 810mAh battery.

The first thing that strikes me with I8 Plus keyboard is that it does look very similar to MK1 keyboard. But it’s more brighter!

This keyboard works with: Windows, Linux, Android, Xbox 360 / PS3 and Mac OS. Various displays it’s good for is: Laptop, Desktop, X-BOX, Mobile vehicle TV, HTPC, Large screen TV, Android TV Box and Smart TV. This is great when you wanna be lazy and lay in sofa and have some home cinema going on! And you don’t wanna use one of those massive keyboard that weigh tons. And maybe it’s even dark at night so you need bright LED’s to see what keys you are typing on!

The keyboard is 14.6cm long and 7.9cm high and 1.9cm thickness. The buttons that are available next to the touchpad is: Media Player, Email, Mute, Left Mouse Button, Right Mouse Button, Browser, My Computer and Search! But you also got media controls on left side and navigation controls on right side. You really have all the most important keys to lay in sofa! On the sides you have OFF/ON switch and mini USB port.

I8 Plus comes in a very simple package with a user’s manual and a charging cable that is standard. You plug in the little USB receiver in your device to get the keyboard up and running. Simple plug and play! Maybe it would be nice if they did a white edition too for Apple users.

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