Galaxy Note 8 3-In-1 Metal Bumper + PC Back Shell Case!

I have talked about Galaxy Note 8 in the past and now we have an amazing case for it! This is called 3 In 1 Metal Bumper + PC Back Shell Case.

The first thing I highly love about this case is how many colours it exists in! These are the one: Black Purple, Red Gold, Blue Silver, Black Blue, Black, Black Red, Black Gold and Black Silver. So they have made it that they mix up the colour on the plastic + metal to create interesting combinations. So you get a hybrid colour effect.

The features of the case is: Shockproof, dropproof, anti-knock and lightweight. The materials used are aluminium alloy and plastic polycarbonate. You get three sections with this case. In the middle you have the polycarbonate piece that also protects the back side. On top and bottom you get aluminium alloy smaller pieces.

A major problem with this Note 8 smartphone is that it comes with a glass back. This means that you will have to buy a plastic case like this to protect the back side. If you don’t then there is a large chance that you will accidentally break the back if you drop it.

These new Samsung phones usually the glass can break even from a pocket distance. When I dropped my Note 5 from pocket the whole phone stopped to work! So it was an epic disaster. So I highly recommend that you pick up a case for it. Like this.

I will try to buy the Galaxy Note 8 once I have the money but right now it’s too expensive! I have seen it’s ridiculous price of 1000 euro. That’s too insane! Same as with the iPhone X so it might take a few months for me to get them to start a reviewing process.

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