New Huawei Mate 10 Pro Wallpapers Download Link!

A few days ago I showed you an amazing apk file you could download to get access to the latest Google Pixel 2 wallpapers. Today we have a new release and it’s the new Huawei Mate 10 Pro’s wallpapers!

The cool thing about these wallpapers is that they are more interesting than Samsung’s Galaxy wallpapers or Apple’s iPhone 8’s new ones. Here is the direct download link. Which is your favourite?

These packs a new theme which is mostly flowers. Something we haven’t seen been done before! And they are in great vibrant colours to display the awesomeness of your colour display.

Some are showcasing cool landscapes with mountains and darker colours and moods. One great landscape wallpaper reminds me about the Windows XP famous wallpaper!

You also get some waterdrop wallpapers. These reminds me about Terminator 2 movie when one robot is melting down at the end of the movie! So I guess you can pretend that it isn’t water but something AI like material!

There is also a big focus on darker wallpapers which has a focus on materials and games. Various textures and exciting inviting wallpapers. One picture is showcasing a guitar and another a chessboard that Bobby Fischer would love!

I really love the three new Mate 10 phones. I wrote about the Pro edition yesterday. But there is also two other variants. One the standard it’s the cheapest variant and then you get a Porsche Design brand edition for around double the price of the Pro variant!

Obviously it’s not specs you pay for with the highest model but mainly you pay for the branded side on front side. It also looks a little different on the rear side. I really want to try out Mate 10 Pro because Mate 9 is my favourite phone to date. It doesn’t give you lag feels as Galaxy phones does. Samsung really need to work on their software speed it’s embarrassingly slow.

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