Decwin A 1980s Phone Design!

Decwin A is a new cool phone that has a design I never seen before! It looks like an 80s phone! It’s thick but it’s compact in it’s size! Let’s have a look on the specs and features.

Main things: 220mAh Battery, 0.66 Inch Display, Smart Bluetooth, Dialer, Music, Earphone, Mini phone and Europe’s smallest phone!

First main thing that’s impressive about this mobile is that it ‘s weight is only 21 grams! It comes with a non-slip design and convex texture design on the back. It’s a phone that is smaller than a lighter!

What’s great about this device is how easy it is to put in all pockets but can be easy to lose so be careful. It’s great to make you stop looking into your phone all the time because it’s so small! So you can be more social in life. It’s great if you are scared of cell phone radiation.

This phone is a good learning environment for a kid! Because it doesn’t come with any distractions like: Games, Internet access or Social media.

This you can do with it: Have a phone book, Check call history, Settings, Bluetooth Music, Organizer, Bluetooth Dialer, Bluetooth, Voice change and Messaging. As you can see it only comes with the absolute basics a phone needs.

The phone can use a Micro SIM that is inserted at the right side of the mobile phone.

What’s funny is the voice change features where you can make it more mysterious and make someone not hear your real voice. These voice changes exist: Woman, Man, Child, Old, Cartoon, Young, Ptimus, Duck, Robot, EVA, Walle, Rapman and Rapwoman.

I like how modern and fashion like the phone looks like. Nobody will have anything like this phone! It comes in these colours: White, Black, Gold, Silver, Blue and Grey. I also seen a red variant.

The memory inside is 32MB RAM and 32MB Storage. You can have 500 contacts in the phone book and 50 messages. It’s pretty thick 12.5mm. The battery talk time and music time is the same 4-6 hours and standby is 4-6 days. The processor is a single core.

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