New Google Pixel 2 Live Wallpapers Download Link!

Wallpapers for Google Pixel 2 has been leaked! It’s an APK file you can download and install on your Android smartphone. Be aware that installing APKs on your phone may contain weird code you may not wanna have in your phone. But I’m not paranoid!

I have talked about the brand new Google Pixel 2 in the past. Go and check that article out if interested.

The wallpapers are pretty cool because they are live. Many of them I couldn’t get to work on my Samsung Galaxy S8 which was kind of weird and sad. My favourite one was the beach variant and one with a road with moving cars.

Some of the space planets was cool too but there is already nice live wallpapers for that available already I have been checking out some apps with that in the past.

Like the Planets Pack 2.0 and Solar System HD Deluxe apps!

To go over the Google Pixel 2’s specs a bit quick: Android 8.0 Oreo, Snapdragon 835 Chipset, Adreno 540 GPU, 4GB of RAM, 12.2MP rear camera + 8MP front facing camera, Bluetooth 5.0, 5.0 Inch AMOLED display and 2700mAh Battery.

You can see that it doesn’t have any revolutionary specs but it’s a really expensive device starting at 800 euro. Looks like Google want to compete against Samsung and Apple in Super Premium phone segment. A few years ago a high-end phone used to cost 600 euro these days they usually start at 800 and models over 1000 euro in cost. It’s really crazy prices!

Then you also have the thing with Google Pixel 2 how it doesn’t even have an all-screen design / bezel-less look. It adopts similar front design as Sony is doing with Xperia XZ phone. I think Sony has said that their next device in 2018 will go more for the bezel-less way. The consumers have spoken and said that’s what they want. I like how Google skipped the dual camera.

I think that’s just an annoying fad that will pass in the future. Which was your favourite smartphone coming out 2017? Mine was Huawei Mate 9! Okay it did get released in December but it’s below a year old. And it still holds up amazing. Soon we will see the new AI Mate 10 with Kirin 970!

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