Xiaomi Mi 6 Legendary Smartphone!

Xiaomi Mi 6 is Xiaomi’s latest high end smartphone. It comes with a very clean design and with a dual rear camera that doesn’t protrude like the iPhone 7 Plus. Let’s have a closer investigation on the specs.

Main specs: Ceramic Material Build, 5.15 Inch display, 6GB of RAM, 128GB Internal storage, Snapdragon 835 Chipset, Octa-core processor, 4G, 4-axis OIS, Display with eye care, Four-sided curved glass/ceramic design, Dual camera with optical zoom, 184 Thousand AnTuTu score and 10nm processor!

That first thing that’s interesting about Xiaomi Mi 6 is that it’s both beautiful and wear and tear resistant. The hardness it comes with is 8 Mohs. The display is pretty small compared to modern high-end phone standards that tend to be at least 5.5” in size. This phone will be easier to navigate with your hand.

The display is reducing glare and harmful blue rays and remains true-to-colour. This is a phone that comes with splash resistance with openings properly sealed and protected. But it doesn’t have an IP rating so it’s a little bit like iPhone 7. It may hold hold up or may break down if unlucky. But at least it has more protection than a phone with no safety.

The phone comes with a nice symmetry design that is clean in look. The battery inside is 3350mAh. You get dual speaker technology to create stereo effect.

The camera is 12MP wide-angle + 12MP telephoto. You can zoom in with 2X optical lossless zoom or 10X digital zoom. On the front selfie camera you get beautify 3.0.

With gaming Xiaomi Mi 6 packs the fast Adreno 540 GPU clocked at 653MHz. Combine that with the fast quad-core 835 processor and you get amazing gaming performance. It’s great how it comes with massive built in storage over 100gb. With that you can install many games! I would love if the phone had expandable memory as well but you can’t insert micro SD card.

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