HOMTOM HT20 Pro Durable Attractive Phone!

HOMTOM HT20 is a durable smartphone with outdoor colours! It’s available in Orange, Black, Green and White!

Main specs: IP68, Waterproof, 4G, Dustproof, Shockproof, Android 6.0, Quad-core processor, MT6737, 4.7” display, Smart wake gesture, 3500mAh, Plastic build, Clocked at 1.3GHz, 16GB Internal storage, 2GB of RAM and 1280×720 resolution!

The first thing that’s nice with this device is how it’s a bit smaller in size 4.7”. Many people that prefer smaller phones doesn’t have that many options these days. Because most new phones that gets released are at least 5 inch in size. And many times at least 5.5”. What we tend to forget is that 4.3” phones used to be considered as huge in Galaxy S2 days!

This is great for people who want a little bit smaller smartphone that is more easy to navigate around.

The next cool thing about this phone is it’s toughness so both great for extreme weather or as a business phone that’s being used a lot. It also adds a bit of sleek style. The phone has a slim body, CNC cut and a safe fingerprint sensor located at the back.

The phone reminds me a little about Nokia N8 design. Nokia is famous for having produced durable phones! This HOMTOM device can withstand drops as well with it’s durable high-density magnesium alloy stylish it can take care of perfect drop resistance and smash proof up to 1.2 meter.

Also a great phone to keep dust away with anti-dust material using a mesh filter. The ports are being protected with plugs. On the back side you get a built-in flashlight that is great for a camping trip out in the dark.

It comes with fast Android 6.0 and you can store 2 of your favourite SIM cards inside. Great for travels. The white edition colour of the phone is my favourite it sort of look like a cool sleek durable Nokia phone. Which colour do you like the most?

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