Elephone C1 Max Looks Like iPhone 7 Plus + Mate 9 Combo!

Elephone C1 Max is a phone that looks like you combined an iPhone 7 Plus and a Huawei Mate 9 smartphone and they had a baby. But a grown up baby with a massive display!

Main specs: 4G LTE, 6.0 inch, MTK6737 Quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB Internal storage, Android 7.0 Nougat, Dual Rear cameras, 2800mAh Battery, Not detachable battery, 5MP Front camera and 13MP rear camera.

So just as most other phones 2017 it comes with a dual rear camera. But it’s a bit more clean because it’s aligned more smooth to the phone body. It doesn’t protrude as much as the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone gets wobbly if you push on the sides when it’s laying on a surface. One of the camera is a mono sensor the other is a colour sensor these two images gets combined into one photo.

My favourite colour on this phone is the interesting red colour. It doesn’t look like the standard super vibrant red but more like a flower red. Very rare you see this colour on a smartphone. Another cool thing with this phone is you can take a photo and then focus later! You also get effects like the bokeh effect to create dramatic photos that looks like it was taken with a professional camera.

This device should be great for reading. Not just because of the large display but they seem to have optimized the experience by using larger and more characters in one page. The phone comes packed with Android 7.0 with features like Multi-window, Quick Settings, Bundled Notifications and Data saver!

If you take photos when it’s dark then you also get cool features like super night shot and noise reduction to make your photos look more professional. The phone also reminds me a bit about Xiaomi Mi Max smartphone in terms of it’s design! I truly love the symmetry design at the charging port side of the smartphone.

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