BlitzWolf BW-S7 Desktop Charger Perfect For Many Phones!

BlitzWolf BW-S7 is a cool desktop charger with 5 USB ports! This is useful if you are having multiple devices that you need to charge on a daily basis. Gadgets like smartphones, tablets and amazon kindle. For me this is perfect because I have over 200 phones that usually needs a charge!

What’s also good with this charger is how it comes with an adapter for your region. EU/US/AU/UK plugs available! It’s a white charger. With Quick Charge 3.0 technology. The output is QC3.0 + 4.4A and awesome 40W output.

First you get four non QC 3.0 ports that works with 5V/4.4A and power 3S technology. The other Quick Charge 3.0 port supports multivoltage. All ports are fast but the QC port is ultra fast!

BW-S7 is using a NT60008 fast charging chip certified by Qualcomm. Quick Charge 3.0 supports 3.6V-12V charge and is also backwards compatible with older versions. Apple devices can also be charged fast.

Some other good things is you get an 18-Month warranty and premium performance that has been certified to be safe. It’s portable to bring with you but remember that you will need to plug it in to make it work! It’s 58mm tall, 91mm wide and 26mm thick. It’s total weight is 400 grams which is like holding two phones in your hands!

BlitzWolf is famous for bringing out both quality cables and quality charging devices. For me BW-S7 feel like a cheaper version of Anker but still with the same excellent quality! It would be cool to see this charger be available in other interesting colours like red and black. So they can match peoples phones more.

Most people these days don’t have white phones. Maybe a little bit of a built-in mAh battery would be nice if you wanted to bring it out to the beach or something.

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