Xiaomi Mi 5c is an iPhone 5C Copycat!

Xiaomi Mi 5c is like a lighter version of Mi 5s I guess. They seem to copy Apple a little bit here in the naming process with Apple’s iPhone 5C. It comes with interesting specs so let’s take a look.

Main specs on Mi 5c: 5.15 Inch display, Fingerprint reader, 3GB of RAM, 64GB Internal storage, Surge S1 Octa-core processor, 1.25um ultra light-sensitive camera, 135 grams lightweight metal body, 7.09mm Thickness, 9V 2A Fast charging and 2048 Brightness levels.

The main camera is 12MP that has features as: Surge ISP algorithm that will increase sensitivity to light by 150%, Dual-noise reduction for better details in low light, 5 Frames select your favourite shot, Single-frame HDR and 14-bit colour depth processing for fine colours. The front camera is 8MP and can enhance selfies with beautify.

Something I truly love about this smartphone is it’s ultra tiny home button in height. Reminds me about Galaxy S4 home button. I also love that it’s only 7.09mm thick.

The display has high 550-nit brightness, high contrast ratio, high colour saturation and reading mode. It seems like they want to compete against Samsung’s AMOLED display.

Xiaomi Mi 5c comes with a 2860mAh battery that last all day. You get the new Type C charging cable which is way better to use because it works both directions to plug in.

You get Xiaomi’s MIUI 8 on-board with this phone. And the Mali-T860 GPU! A bad thing here could be that you cant expand the storage. But I can take it because this phone both is slim and mega light. It only has 135 grams in weight!

Also Mi 5c is great for people who prefer a little smaller screen than 5.5”. Is this phone worth it or should you just go with a Redmi Note 4 or Redmi Note 5A that’s a very good question. Xiaomi just as Samsung release many devices so to get a good deal you have to look closely at the specs and features and compare what fits you the best.

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