MELROSE S2 Durable Mini-card Phone!

MELROSE S2 is a mini card pocket phone that looks like a military device! It packs a dark green theme in multiple shades to create an army effect.

Main specs: 1.7 Inch display, Ultra thin, Outdoor phone, Bluetooth, Fits inside wallet, Red/Yellow/Green/Black colour, MTK6260DA processor clocked at 187MHz, 32MB Storage, 32MB of RAM and 88×176 pixel resolution.

This phone comes packed with a tiny resolution camera it’s 0.3MP back camera. You won’t be able to take any amazing photos with it but it can be nice if it’s something you want to remember. It has a ACC 1511 speaker built-in.

The phone book is massive and can store 500 contacts. This is way more than some other mini phones that only can store 200.

Of course the main special functions with this specific gadget is how it’s shockproof, dustproof and scratch resistant. Sometimes you want a durable phone that is small in size!

If you want then you can also record video or voice. A basic clock is available as well as alarm, calculator, calendar and keypad backlight. You get a 480mAh battery built inside which is better than just 300mAh some other tiny phones offer you.

It still manage to be very slim even when it has durable protection just 5.8mm thickness! It would be cool to see this phone be transparent at the same time like AIEK T5! But you can’t get all your wishes come true.

This is the first durable mini card phone. Usually it’s only smartphones and feature phones that gives you that extra protection. I wish this phone had water resistance as well. Then it would be the ultimate mini phone!

It would be nice if it did feature some basic games pre-installed. No distraction games but just simple games, or maybe a reader so you can read PDFs or Books or other digital files. That would be awesome!

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