iFcane E1 Sony Walkman Look Phone!

iFcane E1 is a little phone that reminds me about Sony walkman. It looks like an MP3 player from Sony this phone! It also has real keys like the new Nokia 3310 2017 Edition. Let’s take a deeper look at what we got here.

Main specs: 0.96” Display, 320mAh Battery, Long Standby, Vibration, Bluetooth, GSM, Ultra Slim, Mini Card Phone, 35g Weight, 5.8mm Thin, MP3 (Need TF memory card) and FM Radio (Need headset).

You get a cool full-mute function. This is great for meditation sessions or business rooms. You don’t have any games or internet access so it’s perfect little gadget for students. Normal use can last for 2 days!

iFcane E1 comes with low radiation to protect your health. Other features are: Alarm clock, Message and Call.

Components inside: Receiver, Switch, Microphone, Headset port/ Charging port and Power Switch! It comes in Black/White/Gold colour. The screen resolution is a little higher than we usually see in mini phones it’s 480×320 pixels.

You can store 100 contacts in phone and 250 contacts on SIM card. No distractions with selfies or taking photos of food because it doesn’t have a camera installed. Standby time can last up to 4 days and talk time is long 3.5-4 hours.

You can also argue if this one doesn’t look a bit like the iPod Classic. Which was a major hit Apple device a few years ago. it worked like a MP3 player with a wheel you could turn.

That hardware feel felt truly amazing. I think that iFcane E1 comes with a touch wheel and not a hardware wheel at the center which is pretty awesome for the low price! What do you think about this mini card phone? I in some ways think that mini card phones are more interesting than feature phones because of their interesting designs.

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