Forita F1 Sports Car Phone Design!

Forita F1 looks like a sports car phone. It has an edgy design and is very compact because it’s a mini card mobile phone. Let’s take a look at the features inside.

Main specs on F1: 1.63 Inch display, 680mAh Battery, Bluetooth, Remote Capture, 64g Weight, 32MB Internal storage, 32MB of RAM, GSM 2G, 1x Nano SIM card slot, 4.5mm Thickness and Black/Pink/Gold Colour!

This phone is a little slimmer compared to AIEK T5 that I talked about earlier today. This one is also not transparent so it looks a bit more grown up and modern sleek. You get TF card support up to 32GB. The processor is MTK6531DA.

The resolution on the OLED display is 320×320 pixels. You get a keyboard as well with 20 touch keys and 1 press key. The buttons can also light up in a white colour. You do not get any camera but you do have the remote option.

Other features involve: MP3, FM Radio, Recorder, Bluetooth Dialer, Shaking Song, Anti-lost, Pedometer, Sedentary Reminder an Calculator. The phone can also vibrate and you get ear jack with 5Pin.

If you need to protect what’s inside the phone like your phone book with up to 500 names then you get a keypad lock. If you need to do basic things like set alarm, calculate something or have a calendar then you get that too. Inside there is too a file management feature. Speaker is supported + a basic mic.

With the battery you can let this phone be in standby up to 90 hours and to charge this mini card phone it will take 2 hours. Pretty standard from what we have seen from other mini phones. You can’t remove the battery. The phone reminds me a bit about Nokia N8 design which is very inspiring.

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