AIEK T5 Cool Transparent Phone!

AIEK T5 Is a cool mini smartphone that comes with a feature other phones doesn’t have. It’s transparent! It sort of reminds me about the old Gameboy products that had a similar feature. This is as well a mini phone more compact and easy to carry around than an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy.

Main specs: 0.96 Inch Display, Ultra-thin, Bluetooth, GPRS, Monitor, MP3, Radio, Phone, Message and Record!

It comes in multiple super vibrant colours like Red, Blue, Green and Purple! It’s 88mm tall, 5.8mm thick and 55mm in width. The phone book can store 500 names. It’s total weight is only 32 grams. The built-in battery is 320mAh that can last for 3 days in standby and 120 minutes in talk time. It’s not using new Type C but micro-usb.

The great thing with this card phone is how you can store it inside your wallet. It also comes with anti-sweat and good hand feeling. It doesn’t have any uncomfortable screws or distractions. This is great if you feel your phone is taking up too much time and you wanna get in touch with nature again and only have the most basic functions.

You can both insert a Mini-SIM and a memory card to expand storage. The battery life is improved by 20% compared to previous models. The display is an OLED Leng Guangping with full vision angles.

With the transparency you get this cool light up effect that makes it look premium and unique. This phone is truly the ultimate when you do not wanna have any distractions like YouTube in your life.

It doesn’t come with a camera or operating system. The internal RAM is 128MB and storage less than 2GB. The CPU is from MTK. Pretty cool little handy device!

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