MEIZU Pro 6S Is a New Premium Smartphone!

MEIZU Pro 6S is a new phone that will be coming soon! It does look a little like an iPhone 7 in terms of the side design. But the home button and the rear camera doesn’t even look close to similar.

Specs: 5.2 Inch 1080p Super AMOLED display, 3D Press, 4GB of RAM, 64GB Internal storage, Helio X25 Deca-core processor, 4G Connection, 3060mAh built-in Battery, 4-axis OIS camera, Sony IMX386 camera sensor with f/2.0 and 0.07s phase focus, Cortex A72 + A53 CPU, Mali-T880 GPU and mTouch fingerprint sensor on the front side!

We can see that this phone comes packed with quality design and a 10 core processor. The question that I ask myself are: Is it really worth twice the price of a Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro with Snapdragon 820? Maybe ZUK doesn’t have as good design but it’s way more affordable. This Meizu phone also comes with Type-C + USB 3.1 port.

You don’t get any card extend support. It comes with Android 6.0 installed which is not the latest version of Android. The shell material is metal. This will increase the phone’s premium feel.

The two cameras built in are 5.0MP front camera with specs: f/2.0, 4-element lens, beauty feature and face AE. The rear camera is 12.0MP with specs: f/2.0, 6-element lens, burst mode, panorama mode, high-speed PDAF, laser assisted focus and dual flash.

I like how the phone is very slim just 6.3mm thickness. And 163 grams in weight so not even close to the heaviest on the market. Also a bit smaller in size with 5.2 inch instead of many high-end phones featuring 5.5 inch displays. So this one will be easier to hold.

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