Nomu S10 Unique Designed Durable Phone!

Nomu S10 is a cool durable smartphone. You can see that they probably try to be ahead of Samsung in it’s naming process when Galaxy S10 comes in 2019. Something I instantly see that I like with this device is it do have a unique rugged design. Other rugged phones are usually more bulky and uncreative.

And the camera design is cool too because it’s not the standard Dual Camera/iPhone X Traffic Light Design/Round/Rectangular. But it’s more shaped like a space ship or something mysterious. I love it. Let’s inspect the specs.

Main specs on Nomu S10: IP68, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, MTK6737T Quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 4G, Dust resistant, Water resistant, Military-grade body, 1.5M shatter-resistant, -20 degree to +55 degree working temperature, Freeze-proof, Gorilla Glass 4, Inner aluminium-titanium alloy shell and Rubber protective material on outside to reduce impact force!

The display is a SHARP display with: Mira vision image engine, 178 degree viewing angle, 1000:1 Contrast ratio, Luminance and 84% NTSC Colour Gamut. The speaker inside the phone is waterproof with a nice symmetry design that match the camera.

This phone is best for outdoor use. Not as a gaming smartphone. But you can extend the storage up to 32GB with microSD card. It’s a pretty heavy phone 221 grams but not the heaviest for it’s phone group. Many durable Android phones weight over 300 grams! It’s pretty thick 13.95mm.

A big surprise for you might be to hear that Nomu S10 packs a massive 5000mAh battery, same amount as we saw in DOOGEE BL5000 smartphone. This will last a long time perfect if you are going on an adventure and needs lots of battery juice. OTG function on-board so you can probably charge other phones with this smartphone using it as a mobile power bank.

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