Microsoft New Edge Browser For iOS and Android Unveiled!

Microsoft is launching a browser for iOS and Android! It’s called the Microsoft Edge browser. It’s main feature will be that you can send a browser page you are on to your Windows PC. This is great if you find something cool on your smartphone but want to view it on a bigger screen instead.

This Microsoft Edge browser is already available starting from today as a preview. Only in US region for now and just for iPhone users. It will soon be released for Android as well. And the continue on PC function will be available when Microsoft release Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

My first question here is if Microsoft really can still compete and if people need them anymore? Surely they still have Windows OS and lots of people still need that. Google is trying to create their own ecosystem with Android and want people to use their products. Will it be enough to just be able to send a page to your Windows PC? Last time I checked my stats more and more younger youths are using their phones as their main browser.

So will they even have a PC they want to send their stuff too? Remember Internet Explorer browser on Windows 2009? It had over 50% market share but now they barely have 3%! And now Microsoft is trying to make Android users and iOS users to use Microsoft products again. But will they need them?

Other features in the browser are: Reading List, Favourites, New Tab Page and Reading View. But it’s mainly basic functions that we already have seen in the past. My main question is if this browser will be having an adblock function? This is something both Samsung browsers and Apple browsers are starting to do. Because Samsung and Apple is in the hardware business not in the Ad business.



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