Baseus 2 in 1 Type C + Micro USB Epic Cable!

Baseus got a super cool cable for Android users that have phones with both Type C and Micro USB ports. This cable will handle both of them for you so you can charge two phones at the same time! Let’s have a look at the specs on this cable.

Specs: 2 in 1 Type C + Micro USB to USB, Data Sync, Charging, 1.2M cable, 3A High-Speed charging, High-quality aluminium alloy shell, corrosion-resistant, Beautiful quality design, Easy to bend, stretch resistant, Reinforced wiring and Durable.

It’s available in the colours Black, Blue and Red. This is mainly best for people who hate having to look for a cable and people who become annoyed because they can’t keep track of two cables.

Or for people who can’t stand tiny adapters that always gets lost. This is a simple solution! Because you only need to keep track of one cable. It would be nice if it included a lightning cable as well into a 3 in 1 system.

On inside it has a tin plated copper core which gives you a strong charge and amazing transfer performance. With some phones this cable may even be able to speed up the charge by 30%!

It comes with nylon material which doesn’t feel cold like the feeling you get when touching a plastic white or black charging cable. I like how they have both looked on functionality and worked on creating a sleek design in various vibrant colours. The cable also won’t wind easily because they have prevented that with a thought out design.

You also get the simple Baseus logo on the cable reminding you about their product quality. Inside the Woven nylon you get a TPE layer which protects the inner cables from damage. This is great if you usually get cables that break easily. This will have a longer durability lifetime!

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