OVLENG S8 Cheap In-Ear Earphones!

OVLENG S8 are in-ear sport phones! With more and more phones removing the 3.5mm headphone jack it could be good to invest in some headphones that are wireless. Let’s see what you get inside these.

Specs: In-Ear, Sport type, Controls on wire, Hi-Fi, Super Bass, Bluetooth V4.1, Mic, 8mm high quality driver unit, stylish appearance and Hearing range 20KHz high voice.

The control on the wire on OVLENG S8 are soft silicone buttons with a high sensitivity mic. The buttons can do: Volume-/Previous Track, Call/Pause and Volume+/Next Track.

Inside the package you get a leather bag and an earphone clip. The earphones exist in Blue, Red, Black, Yellow and Purple colours.

My Bluetooth headphone experience has always been that it’s been pretty glitchy experience. Usually the sound can stop to work sometimes. Even when I am close to the phone. I have also heard lot’s of people complain about bad sound if they have their phone in the back pocket.

But usually greater success in front pocket. The best is to have your phone out in the open when using Bluetooth Audio streaming. I really hope that the new Bluetooth 5.0 will solve a lot of the Bluetooth 4 streaming audio issues. They have made lots of improvements in the new version.

This OVLENG S8 model has a transmission distance of 10 meters. In battery capacity it comes with 45mAh. It can last up to 8-10 hours in talk time and with music on it can do 4-6 hours. It takes 1 hour to charge the earphones. Which I find kind of interesting how it can take that long time to charge 45mAh when you can charge 2000mAh battery in the same time to 100%.

This is going to be earphones mainly for people who practice sports and can’t deal with a wire to their phone. I do find them quite trendy looking. They do look like 10x more expensive earphones.

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