Magnetic iPhone Charger One-Hand Operation!

Magnetic iPhone charging super cool cable. There is a cool way that you can charge your Apple iPhone devices. Right now you need two hands to plug in the lightning cable to charge. But with this magnetic method you can do it with one hand! Way more smooth and effective and cool.

Apple did a good job upgrading their iPhone 4S 30-pin to USB with new iPhone 5 lightning cable. The lightning cable allowed you to plug in the cable up and down. Way more effective! Now we are coming to the next generation of charging. One hand mode using magnets! Let’s have a look at the specs you get with this cable.

Specs on this magnetic cable: Magnetic Adsorption 3rd Gen, High Speed 2.4A, 8-Pin USB Charging data transmission cable, United States magnet, Pure Chile Copper Wire, Metal nylon cable, Anti-fracture, Waterproof, Dustproof, Magnetic connector and 1.5 hours for a full charge.

How it works is you plug in the little magnetic cable inside your iPhone charging port and always let it be there. And whenever you need to charge you can just move the cable close to the port and it will snap into place.

This magnetic cable wire length is 1.2m and in-put is 5V DC 2.4A with a conversion rate of around 90% to 96%. Also be aware that this is not for Android users but I will talk about other cables in the future for Android smartphones! This cable also comes in two colours Gold and Silver. I like the close design details.

As we know Apple users like quality hardware so this cable will surely fit in and impress your friends! Not sure about the quality on the wire itself. But it looks like it has Blitzwolf hard wire protection but I might be wrong about that. If you are looking more for just a durable cable then I suggest you search for Blitzwolf’s excellent cables.

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