Magnetic Cable For Older Android Phones! USB to Micro USB Cable!

Magnetic cables are popular these days! In the past I have checked out a lighting magnetic cable and a USB Type C magnetic cable. Making your life easier with one hand operation charge.

But what if you are running on an old or new Android smartphone that features Micro USB charging port? There is a magnetic cable for that too! It’s called Magnetic Adsorption 3rd gen for Micro USB. Let’s see what this cable can do for you.

Specs: 1.2M length, Braided wire, Charging and data transfer cable, Gold + Silver colour, The strong magnet can’t fall off easily because great USA magnet and LED light when connected.

This magnetic cable works just like previous magnetic cables that I have been checking out. First you have the magnetic plug-in interface, second the magnetic adsorption with the wire cable and then it’s connected! You will walk around with the tiny portable magnetic plug-in interface all the time. It doesn’t take up that much space so it won’t be an annoying gadget.

The material is nylon + PVC, In-put is 5V DC 2.4A with conversion rate of 90%-96%. This cable will obviously only work with Micro USB ports so make sure you have that before you buy this cable! It has been tested 30 thousand times so you know it will last for a long time.

Charging times may differ compared to your standard data charging cable. I also wish this cable came in Black and White colours and not just Gold and Silver. Because many people want cables that match their phone colour.

I’m curious to see where charging will take us in the future. Sure we have wireless charging but it’s too slow right now to be interesting. For wireless charging to take off it needs to be able to charge your device in 30 minutes or less. That’s when it will go super mainstream.

There is also a chance that we may see cables in the future that can completely charge your device in 10 minutes. But I think we may have to move away then from the current form of batteries and develop some new kind. It will probably happen sometime in the future. What do you think about this cable?

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