BOROFONE TWS02 Wireless Sleek Headphones!

BOROFONE TWS02 are wireless dual Bluetooth earphones! That looks very cool because they don’t even have a cable to connect left and right together. Let’s see what’s inside.

Specs: Mini in-ear, Metal charging contacts, side in-ear structure, Integrated charging and storage, 40mAh battery in each earbud, 320mAh battery in rechargeable headset storage box and Charging indicator.

You get simple controls on TWS02 with one-key operation on each earbud: Power On/Off, Bluetooth connection, Call Answer/Hang up and Music Play/Pause.

These mini in-ear are perfect when driving, business, playing sports or when you want to make calls convenient. The earbuds have a blue and red LED you will see when connection them together. It looks very vibrant and beautiful.

You can select if you want to use both earbuds dual mode or one earbud mono mode. One can be great when you need to hear what’s going on around you. The earbuds also come with a super ergonomic modern design that stands out. Looks like a Nintendo product almost.

Also when you get these earphones what’s good to know is the volume is the loudest by default so adjust that before putting them on. In terms of music listening you can Play/Pause the songs from both earbuds independent button. But only one earbud can answer calls and take care of those controls.

Charging these earbuds takes around 1.5-2 hours and the charging box takes the same time. You can talk for around 2 hours and work for 2 hours. Standby time is 180 hours. I have to say that 2 hours of time is a little bit small it’s great for doing something for 1 hour and then have music when you walk home. But I think earbuds at least should last 4 hours.

The frequency response on TWS02 are 20-20kHz and transmission distance is 10 meters with Bluetooth 4.2 version. Same distance as with the OVLENG S8 that I talked about earlier today.

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