LYNWO M2S Pro Cool Smart Bracelet!

LYNWO M2S Pro is a smart bracelet for iOS iPhone and Samsung Android smartphones! In the past I have been writing a lot about Android smartwatches. This one could also display the time like a watch. But it doesn’t come with the rounded/rectangular shape like you would get with an Android or Apple smartwatch. Let’s have a look at the specs!

Specs: Blood oxygen track, Heart rate 24 hours monitor, Pedometer, Motion intelligent identification, Display messages, Sleep monitor, Silent alarm clock, Sedentary remind, Use it as remote to take photo, Fatigue warning and TFT 0.96 colour screen.


There are many various bracelets like this available. M2S Pro is mainly seems to be for people who want to track training progress and health. The battery inside is 100mAh and battery life can last up to 7 days.

It may be a good question if you want to invest rather in a smartwatch. You have smartwatches below 100 euro that comes with Android installed. This bracelet doesn’t come with Android OS.

This bracelet is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above and Android 4.4 and above. I like how it’s a colour display. It looks like it may be a little too much glossy. This is a thing that Apple computers have struggled a lot with. Especially if you have the sun on you glossyness can cause issues.


The colours that are available for M2S Pro is: Black, Blue, Green, Purple and Cyan. I wish that they made a pink variant too. The weight is very light only 25 grams. Which is about one third of the weight of a mini card phone. It’s using bluetooth 4.0 for connection to a smartphone.

You also have cool features like anti-lost, exercise plan, weather forecast, calorie and more! The processor being used is RTI8762AJ. You probably never heard about it before. The band is using silica material and is 260mm in length.

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