I8 Plus Cool Colour Sofa Keyboard!

I8 Plus is a very cool simplistic tiny portable keyboard. I have checked out many various keyboards in the past like MantisTek’s MK1 and H18. They are a little bit larger in size from what I can see. I8 Plus main feature is how it’s full of bright LED’s so perfect at night!

Specs: 2.4GHz Wireless connection, 7 Colours Backlight keyboard, Touchpad Mouse functionality, QWERTY keys, Navigation keys, USB 2.0, Black colour and 810mAh battery.

The first thing that strikes me with I8 Plus keyboard is that it does look very similar to MK1 keyboard. But it’s more brighter!

This keyboard works with: Windows, Linux, Android, Xbox 360 / PS3 and Mac OS. Various displays it’s good for is: Laptop, Desktop, X-BOX, Mobile vehicle TV, HTPC, Large screen TV, Android TV Box and Smart TV. This is great when you wanna be lazy and lay in sofa and have some home cinema going on! And you don’t wanna use one of those massive keyboard that weigh tons. And maybe it’s even dark at night so you need bright LED’s to see what keys you are typing on!

The keyboard is 14.6cm long and 7.9cm high and 1.9cm thickness. The buttons that are available next to the touchpad is: Media Player, Email, Mute, Left Mouse Button, Right Mouse Button, Browser, My Computer and Search! But you also got media controls on left side and navigation controls on right side. You really have all the most important keys to lay in sofa! On the sides you have OFF/ON switch and mini USB port.

I8 Plus comes in a very simple package with a user’s manual and a charging cable that is standard. You plug in the little USB receiver in your device to get the keyboard up and running. Simple plug and play! Maybe it would be nice if they did a white edition too for Apple users.

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