LEMFO LES1 Ultra-Modern Android Watch!

LEMFO LES1 is an Android Watch. It comes in a very nice design. I have checked out other Android smartwatches in the past let’s see what you get inside this one.

Specs: 1.39 Inch AMOLED circular display, 16GB Internal storage, 3G, GPS, WiFi, Metal design, 1GB of RAM, Android 5.1, MTK6580 Quad-core processor, 350mAh Battery and Bluetooth 4.0.

LEMFO LES1 has pretty standard specs for a smartwatch. The display has a resolution of 400×400. On the side of the smartwatch you get a 2.0MP HD camera. It has cool specs like: OIS, 6Lens, 3D Noise reduction, Video Recording and HD video.

The watch body is only 13.0mm. And I really admire the craftsmanship put into the design of this watch. You can see it is made with genuine care. Anodic oxidation to protect the colour from fading. Aluminium red button on side. Nice finely brushed numerals.

You can insert a nano SIM card to make calls, check messages and go online. Standard Android apps people like is also available like GPS navigation, Heart Rate and Pedometer. The ability to download thousands of apps also available.

With a bluetooth headset you can listen to tons of songs with beautiful music app. Live weather app to see what clothes you should put on for the day. It also is life waterproof but they don’t recommend that you use it for swimming or diving.

You can select between multiple watch faces. Over 40 different kinds so you can find a style that fit you!

More apps you have on LEMFO LES1: Contacts, Phone, Message, Set up, Remote control camera, Browser, Calendar, Clock, Camera, Gallery, Music, Remote control music, Recorder, File management, Get phone, Health, Weather and Voice search!

If you want to use your phone to assist then you need either iOS phone iOS 9 and up. Or Android phone Android 4.4 and up. If you like this quick overview then search on my blog for my smartwatch articles!

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