DM98 Rectangle Design Smartwatch!

DM98 Smart watch is a very interesting Android watch because of it’s display size and shape. It’s not round like many other smartwatch displays are. But it’s shaped more like a rectangle. And it reminds me about Apple Watch.

Specs: 3G, Camera, 320×240 resolution, 2.2 Inch large screen, WiFi, GPS, Android support, Android 4.4 OS, Life waterproof (But no bath!), MTK6572 Quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz, 512MB of RAM, 4GB Internal storage and 900mAh Polymer battery.

You can Play music for 4 hours, phone time 4.5 hours and standby time 280 hours. I have seen some watches with only 320mAh battery which is a bit low. It’s nice to see this one run a larger battery.

The shell on DM98 is made with AL6063 alloy aluminium anode oxidation frame. To create both enjoyable design and anti-scratch effect. Nano SIM card is supported for 3G.

If you want to chat with WiFi then it supports apps like Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp and more! If you need help with something then you have the built-in Google Now to get voice assistance. You can ask things like: Weather today, The location of Paris, Nearby hotels, Nearby Restaurants and more!

There is also three colours available and then you can change the themes with the built-in software. This is good so you can make it fit more your personality.

One thing to note here about DM98 is that it doesn’t look as premium as for example the i95 Smart Watch. I feel like this watch has a bit more cheaper band the i95 looks a bit more premium. But I like both watches! And everyone has different taste. I’m curious if you will be able to play some simple puzzle games like you can do with other Android smart watches.

I would mainly buy this watch for it’s unique design. Most people buying a smartwatch will have a round watch. This one will stand out from the crowd more!

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