Amazing Fidget Spinner From AITURE!

AITURE brand has come out with a cool fidget spinner that you can control with your phone! It doesn’t seem to have a specific name. Just fidget spinner! What can you do with it?

Specs: Bluetooth controlled, LED’s, App Available, Silver/Black/Gold colour, Material is Zinc Alloy, It’s using a R188 13-Steel Ball, Spin for 4 minutes, 75mm diameter + 8.5mm height, 120mAh battery last for 3 years and 1 hour charge time!

The first thing that’s good with this fidget spinner is how it’s not made in plastic. But in quality strong anti-slip material zinc alloy. It has a USB port so you can charge it with your Computer/Phone/Power Bank.

It also is a quiet fidget spinner. May even last up to 6 minutes in a spinning session! But one of the coolest things with this spinner is how you can display LED text! And you can tweak the lights, emojis and text for a personal experience.

Also the app can detect how many spins per minute your fidget spinner is doing. The app also supports multi-language! If you want you can also disable the LED on the spinner inside the app. It will warn you when battery is running low.

There is three colours the LED could display: Red, Blue and Green. The spinners weight is 75grams which is like a mini card phone. The total LED lights are 11. Be creative with them and see what you could create.

A future thing I would love to see is options to be able to control where the fidget spinner is moving around. We will probably see more advanced tech like that in the future as we progress more into the AI age.

Do you like this spinner or do you feel it’s missing something? I haven’t tried any spinner in real life but I have heard they have become a big deal for people!

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