Meizu Pro 7 Is a Phone With a Back Display!

Have you ever wanted to own a phone which also comes with a full display on the back? Sony Ericsson did a mirror on the back on k800i released in 2006 that was pretty smart! But what about if you want a full display? Well that’s now available inside the Meizu Pro 7!

It comes packed with amazing specs like: 5.2″ Super AMOLED FHD Display, 1920x1080p Resolution, 423 pixels per inch, 64-Bit Processor MT6757CD Helio P25 Octa-core, ARM Mali-T880 GPU, Android 7.0 Nougat with Flyme, 4GB of RAM, 64GB internal storage, 16MP front camera, 12MP IMX386 rear camera, Dual nano SIM card dual standby and 3000mAh battery!

I especially like how Meizu Pro 7 is available in a Red colour, that’s not very common these days. The other two colours are Black and Gold.

Some cool things you can see on the second display are things like: In call, Battery status, New message, Steps walked, Calendar, See music playing, Alarm and perfect when taking selfies!

It also comes with a mystical thing they call One Mind which should work as an intelligent thinking engine that studies user habits and tries to speed up your phone based on that. Our phones are getting smarter this reminds me about Huawei again and their AI machine intelligence their new Mate 10 will feature.

In terms of music it comes with CS 43130 audio processing chip which should give you high dynamic and low distortion sound. Hopefully it will perform good for music lovers! The weight on the phone is 163 grams.

You can argue if anyone really needs a secondary display on the back. Probably not but if you want to stand out among your friends then this is the perfect choice for you! Because no other phone has this available. I like the Meizu Pro 7‘s unique style.

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CHUWI Hi10 Pro Tablet Has A Nice Design!

There is a new affordable tablet released by CHUWI. Many people that want to try Windows 10 do not know of any cheap way. But this tablet offers a more affordable alternative. It’s called the Hi10 Pro!

It features: 10.1 Inch IPS 1920×1200 resolution display, Dual OS Windows 10 + Android 5.1 setup, 4GB of RAM, 64GB internal storage, Intel Atom X5 Z8350 Quad-core processor clocked at 1.92GHz, Intel HD graphic Gen8 GPU, TF card expansion up to 128GB, Dual cameras, 2.0MP front + 2.0MP rear camera, Type-C and Grey colour.

There is also an option to install a separate keyboard with Hi10 Pro or use a stylus! A massive 6500mAh is packed inside which is like 2 large phone batteries, the weight of the product is 562 grams which is pretty heavy like 3 large phones. But it’s not overly thick only 8.5mm.

I do enjoy how it looks like a professional laptop once you plug it into a keyboard. Which you can buy separate. The display brightness should also give you a nice experience with 350-nits and 16:10 aspect ratio. It does look a bit like a first gen iPad!

It’s also nice how it features fast data transfer with latest USB 3.0 Type C port and cable. The keyboard if you wanna connect it works fast because it’s magnetic on and off.

All the slots Hi10 Pro comes with are: Micro USB slot, Type-C slot, TF card slot, Micro HDMI slot, 3.5mm earphones jack and 1x docking interface. It’s nice how it comes with earphones jack. Something many new smartphones lack these days.

Obviously this won’t be able to play hardcore Windows 10 games because the processor is more based on business and multimedia stuff. But some basic games will probably run nicely! And nice with a dual option to start up Android. Hopefully one day we can get triple option with iOS as well.. But probably Apple won’t approve of that!

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PP GUN Mini is a Cool Gun Gamepad for iOS and Android!

Ever wanted a super cool gamepad for iOS or Android? PP GUN Mini is here! This is a gamepad that looks like a weapon. Perfect for FPS games.

So what are the specs? Mini motion sensor, Can work as selfie stick, Bluetooth 4.0, White colour, Pistol design with pistol rack, Easy to install phone on standard picatinny rail, LG battery cell 2600mAh, Recoil feeling, Change view by turning body, shoot by pulling the trigger and Mapping functions for keys on gamepad.

The size of smartphones it’s compatible with are the ones that are 4-6 inches in size. It’s weight is 220 grams, if you want more game support then you need to jailbreak iPhone or root Android phone. It does look a bit plastic and toy look with the white design. Looks like something from a LEGO movie.

You also get a USB cable with the PP GUN Mini and a manual while purchase. The USB slides in nicely in the front of gamepad. It’s really large so it gives you a wow first look impression. The colour it has are orange, black and white.

And the buttons if comes with are first on left side: Joystick, Power switch, Deformation button, Camera key, 8/N key, 6/M key, Gyroscope lock key, 7/B key and 9/K key (this is trigger button).

On right side you have: 4/H key, 1/U key, 2/I key, 5/J key, EN (Enter) key, Multi-function USB output, F key, R key and 3/O key.

It also comes with a cool case! I have only tried out standard gamepads that looks like a PS4/Xbox One game controller. But seeing this makes me very excited. Do you enjoy this Mini gamepad?

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E10 Is a Professional Slim Mouse!

Ever wanted a green good looking mouse? That was at the same time cheap and slim? Look no further! E10 optical mouse is here.

It’s specs include: 2.4GHz, 1600DPI, Up to 10 meters compatible, elegant looking, wheel, nano receiver, intelligent smart sleep technology, 1x AA battery used, Wireless and Weight: 0.048kg!

The first thing with E10 that strikes me is how it looks like Apple’s white mouse in terms of slimness! The colour green also reminds about my Razer DeathAdder mouse. The tiny USB receiver will take up little space on your computer!

It has the standard left and right click, the wheel. and another button in the middle, also comes in different shades of black, the green is on the sides of the mouse.

It currently doesn’t support Windows 8 or Windows 10 so this could be good to know. You can also use it with an Android TV Box and the scroll wheel is clickable. It would be nice to see this mouse be available in other colours as well a wired option.

I don’t think it will be the best mouse for gaming because it doesn’t have any side buttons. More a mouse for home office or for lazy movie watching in sofa.

My current mouse is the Razer DeathAdder, but I also like using a touchpad as a mice, I learned that after I used Apple’s touchpad. It was really an amazing experience.

I remember using a wireless mice once and I always remind myself that they always caused problems for me. For example when I played loud music my desk would move a bit and it would mess up the connection. I really hope wireless tech become better one day.

Do you like the price of this mouse? It really is crazy cheap! Probably the shipping that will cost the most. The E10 optical mouse is available right now!

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H18 is a Super Cool Wireless Keyboard!

If you need a cool keyboard for your PC or other device. Then this is a pretty cool product! Because it has cool mouse functionality built-in. It’s called the H18!

The features include: Control distance over 15m, Notebook touchpad, Flexible, Multi-functional 2.4G air mouse remote control, 400DPI, IR remote control and 300mAh battery.

First thing you will see on H18 is the modern design. And the built in large touchpad on the keyboard. You can also get interactive vibration as touch sense feedback and it’s ergonomically designed.

It can also be used with a Smart TV/TV Box/Computer/Tablet/Laptop, using a tiny wireless USB receiver. You have a mode switch button where you can switch between Keyboard mode and Mouse mode.

The main touch features you can use are: Left mouse button, Mouse moving, Right mouse button, Zoom in/out, Show desktop, Task switch, Enter, Esc and Left/right/up/down! So you can see it’s highly flexible in what it can do.

It’s also an energy saving keyboard in normal mode it draws only 20mA and in Sleep 15uA. I like how they use different shades of black on keyboard. A more glossy look on the side and then a more toned down black shade on the keys, special function keys being displayed in beautiful blue colour.

Some cool features I would like to see in an upcoming successor keyboard would be a built-in RGB keyboard light with the rainbow colour, and software to PC so you can tweak it’s shades.

They seem to go with a plastic back and on side it seems like you have volume up and down buttons. The wireless keyboard has gotten very good reviews as well so people seems to enjoy it very much. I don’t think I will buy this because I already found my favourite keyboard in the world. Apple’s wireless bluetooth keyboard! Do you like the H18?

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