Quad-core Android Smartphone For Feature Phone Price!

M-net Power 1 is a modern looking phone at a mega low price! It cost the same amount of money as the new Nokia 3310 2017 cost but it comes with a quad-core processor and Android 7.0! And a very fashionable design. It reminds me about Xiaomi Note 4.

Specs: MTK6580A processor clocked at 1.3GHz Quad-core, 1GB of RAM, 8GB internal storage, OTG function, 5050mAh battery, 5MP rear + 5MP front camera, 5.0″ and IPS display!

Another thing that strikes me with Power 1 is the massive 5050mAh battery. I never thought it was possible to get a huge battery like that for this low price! It is running a bit low on RAM and internal storage. You won’t be able to install many games on this device especially not large ones in size.

It comes with three capacitive touch buttons on the front side. Home, Back and Menu button. The display is a large one. I’m very curious how it will perform when you look at it from various angles. Also we don’t really know what GPU it’s running so probably not so good when it comes to gaming.

It does have TF card support up to 32GB and dual SIM. 35 days of standby is very impressive. What’s cool about this phone is with OTG you can use it as a power bank to charge other phones. Or to connect a mouse, keyboard, USB disk or camera to your phone!

It seems like Power 1 is available in at least four colours black, blue, white and gold. I think most people are just happy that they can get a phone with Android for this price. So they don’t have to go and buy a feature phone instead! With this phone I am happy if Angry Birds runs smooth! Do you like this phone?

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