Cubot X18 is a Smartphone That Looks Like Samsung Galaxy S8!

Cubot X18 is a new phone that’s out that looks like a Samsung Galaxy S8! I even think that they included the same wallpaper as you would get in a brand new S8. Obviously this phone here is more affordable! Let’s take a look at what you get.

Specs: 4G Smartphone, Android 7.0 Nougat, 5.7” display, MTK6737T Quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 3GB of RAM, 32GB Internal storage, 13.0MP Rear camera, 8MP Front camera and Fingerprint scanner!

Nothing too magical here with Cubot X18 but it’s nice how it comes with a large display. Something I can tell about this phone is some people will think that you have a Galaxy S8! Many companies are using MTK processors these days to launch low-end devices. But the processor seems to perform well.

Can expand storage with a TF card up to 128GB. 1440×720 resolution display which is kinda unique never heard of that size before. The battery is 3200mAh same as Galaxy Note 8.

It’s around the same size as iPhone 7 Plus but with more display! And it also doesn’t feature a home button. Something many companies are removing these days. Apple removed it with iPhone X. The main camera might actually perform well because it’s from Sony and it’s: 5P lens, 0.1S focus speed and F2.2 aperture!

The Mali-T720MP2 processor inside will perform great for Google Play Store games. I like how the fingerprint ID sensor is located below the camera so will be easy to find!

Now here is a big thing we haven’t seen in years that is in the Cubot X18… The battery… Is… Removable! This was something Samsung was famous for back in the Galaxy S2 days. But now it’s rare to find things like this in phones! This is awesome because it means you can buy spare batteries and bring them with you for extra power!

Another cool thing that it comes with is split-screen mode. Something we mainly seen on Samsung smartphones. It comes with stock pure Android. So should perform fast!

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