A Great iPhone X Wireless Charger Stand!

Today I want to talk about a very cool fast wireless charger I found! It’s a wireless charger that comes on a nice desktop stand. You can put your iPhone X / iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 on it! As you may know the latest iPhones supports wireless charging. Let’s have a look at the specs here.

Specs: Qi Tech, 2 Coils, Wireless, 10W working power, Aluminium alloy material + PC + Anti-slipped pad, Silver colour, 9V1.67A / 5V2A Input, 9V1.2A / 5V1A Output, 5mm Working distance and 132x90x70mm in size.

You can see that this desktop stand has a pretty standard modern design! It takes around 2.5 hours for a full charge! My Samsung Galaxy S8 takes around 1,5 hours charging when it’s with standard fast charge cable. And if I turn off the phone it will take around 50 minutes.

So this one will take around 3x as long as a turned off phone. This may not be the best solution for most people but if you just need a tiny charge when you just don’t use your phone then it’s a great idea with a charging stand like this.

It also has nice built-in protection for things like short-circuit. The stand definitely have a iMac/MacBook aluminium design feel so will look great with Apple devices.

Another great thing with this stand is how you can put phone in both landscape and portrait modes. Good if you want to watch a movie! It’s compatible with the latest high end Samsung phones down to Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge. The visual-angle is made with ergonomics in mind.

The cable on the back of the stand may look a bit ugly and might be hard to hide on a slim desk. I think most people that doesn’t even have a wireless charging phone can enjoy this desktop phone stand!

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